Essie Encrusted Treasures giveaway

So if you follow me on Instagram you may know I hit 50 k followers recently and it was my birthday a few days ago. So as a thank you I decided to do a giveaway. The winner will get a full set of the new 2013 Essie Encrusted treasures range. To enter please see the rules below:

  1. You must have parental permission to enter if you are under 18.
  2. This giveaway is international.
  3. You must comment on this post leaving your email address as contact, your Instagram tag (if you have one) and tell me something about yourself . Also if you subscribe to my blog you will automatically receive notifications when I post anything, but you don’t have to do this to enter.
  4. You will receive your items directly from beauty so fly. Postage costs will be fully paid for by me πŸ™‚
  5. Only one entry per person so if you leave more than one comment you will only get one entry.
  6. This giveaway will run until 10 pm onΒ the Β 1st of December 2013.
  7. The winner will be posted on my blog and Instagram page on the 2nd of December once I had a chance to view all the entries.

The winner will be someone who grabs my interest by telling me something about themselves, so be creative lol.Β  Good Luck xxx

324 thoughts on “Essie Encrusted Treasures giveaway

    1. Hi!
      I love make-up, doing hair and technically anything that involves fashion! I would be so happy if I won this amazing giveaway! It would definitely make my collection of nail polish. My Instagram is panouiee πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear who the winner is!!

  1. My Instagram account is: @cijm
    I’m a polishlover from Oslo, Norway. I call my self a amateur in the polishworld but I’m learning something new everyday! I work in a prison, love to hunt, read books, workout and paint my nails in creative ways! πŸ˜‰
    I call myself an allrounder;-)

  2. My instagramname is SaraTJ
    Something about myself, my friends don’t like to show me their nails because they think i’ll chriticizes them on their “bad” nailpolish. Truth is, I just love nailpolish and want to see theirs for inspiration! πŸ™‚

  3. Hi, my mane is Cassi! I’m 17 years old and I love photography. I love to be behind a camera and taking pictures of moments that I want to remember forever. My e-mail is and my Instagram is @CassiJoyP

  4. Hey I’m Courtney! I’m 15, in high school and work part time mcdonalds. I’ve been doing my nails since I was 9 and the past 2 years I’ve been starting to do other peoples nails. I always get such great ideas from your Instagram! Love always Courtney xoxo

      1. She’s loved nails for a few years now. She chooses her polish and designs herself, and likes painting my toes for me! Lol she’s obsessed with “magic” (thermal) polish ATM! Thanks for holding this giveaway! Xx

  5. IG||@_nothingisforever //
    Something about me is I absolutely love to paint my nails and play with my hair! I’m obsessed with Supernatural and Doctor Who . Something interesting? When I was born I had a severe blood infection . My parents were told that I probably wouldn’t make and If I did I would be able to walk or talk. It’s been 13 years and am proof that doctors can always be wrong πŸ™‚ ps I really admire your nail art skills!

  6. Hi my email is and my instagram is @jessicat623. I love trying out new colors when getting my manicures and pedicures for me they are the best way to relax. I graduated in May with my BS in nutrition and I’m in my first year or grad school to get my masters is social work…I want to work with people suffer with eating disorders and food addictions. I also work full time and workout as much as possible…I’ve lost 50lbs this year and still have about 40 more to go.

  7. I’m Lindsay and i’m from Holland. I’m really a nail polish junkie and I really love to experiment with all kinds of nail polish and all kinds of nail art! My instagram is @linske96 I hope I can win this polishes.


  8. My IG name is @Amanda_panda3189 my e-mail is
    I’m 23 years old and when I was 15 I had a near death experience where I fell almost 40 feet and lived although suffering many injuries! I have since then learned to approciate my life to the fullest I am happy to just be here and able to say I survived! Without that happening to me I don’t think i would be the person I am today!

  9. Hi my name is ishma and I am 20 years old. I love nail art and inspire to be like you and start my own blog but degree is currently taking up too much of my time so I cant! I often get inspired by your designs and I love llamas! @ishmatazeen on instagram and my email is so excited about this giveaway! I own 87 nail polishes and only 1 of them is essie!

  10. Hello, my name is Breyonna. Instagram name bre_kutyba I follow you and absolutely love the designs you share!! I would love to own this set of Essie nail polish so I can experiment with even more designs that are inspired by the photos you share on your Instagram profile πŸ™‚

    1. Hello, my name is Breyonna. Instagram name bre_kutyba I follow you and absolutely love the designs you share!! I would love to own this set of Essie nail polish so I can experiment with even more designs that are inspired by the photos you share on your Instagram profile πŸ™‚ email:

  11. Warmest greetings! My name is Roxana Ruiz; I am 26 and absolutely LOVE nail polish and the art and beauty of it all πŸ™‚ I love it so much, that my five year old sister (yes, huge age gap lol) is the youngest nail polish enthusiast due to her big sis <3 @roxyness on IG and email address is (crossing my fingers)

  12. Hi (: My name is Cena! I found you on Instagram by chance a few months ago and really enjoy your nail art! I am also a big fan of Essie polish (I am wearing Power Clutch along with Grow Stronger and Good to Go right now) so I think this is an awesome giveaway!β™₯
    Sincerely, @cenarodriguez

  13. Congratulations on 50k! Love your work! My name is Bana and my email is IG handle is @banicured_

    In addition to nails, my passion is travel. I have visited 25 countries on 3 continents and just came back from a trip to Paris and London, my favorite city in the world. I love using nail art as therapy on stressful days , and I am a huge soccer and American football fan πŸ™‚

    1. Wow that’s a lot of countries, now your making me want to sit and count how many I have been to lol. I am a huge Football (soccer) fan too, not so keen on American football now but I used to go watch it when they decided to have a American football league in the UK, that was quite a few years back though. Thanks for entering xx

  14. Hi! My name is Sibyla and I’m from Brazil. I’m a nail polish lover and i loove to do my nails, every week I have a different style and you are my inspiration most of the time! I just Can’t have my nails without nailpolish! haha My friends always love my nail designs, but I’m incapable of paint someone else’s nails, it ends up always a mess haha ;XX
    I study psychology and besides all other hobbies, painting my nails is my favorite one! My Instagram name is @sibyyla and my e-mail is
    xoxo ;))

  15. Hi I’m Hayley πŸ™‚
    Instagram is miss_hayleyk
    Email is
    Random fact about me is I’m a twin in a line of twins – me & my brother, my auntie & uncle and my great auntie & uncle. We are all girl/boy twins, the boy has always been born first and we were all born on the 22nd of a month! πŸ™‚

    1. WOW really now that’s amazing πŸ™‚ As you may know I have identical twin girls so Twins fascinate me. Family gatherings must be fun for you, thanks for entering xx

  16. My IG is @nailsbyvranana & email is πŸ™‚

    I come from Slovenia, Europe. I am currently finishing law school by preparing for an international law competition. Studying law is my passion and I enjoy every minute of it. I will hopefully be pursuing a career in Human Rights πŸ™‚ But this is my left side of the brain and I love relaxing by triggering the right one as well. That is where my passion for nail art started. Being able to put all the stress and all the pressure of everyday life into creating sth colorful on my nails (or others) is the best passion in the world!
    I love how the nail community on IG an blogs is always so nice, sweet and willing to share ideas. A big international family I am honored to be a part of!

    1. Aww I started nail art to feed the right side of my brain too and relax. I’m actually a IT geek lol I work as a Service manager in IT, so that’s the left side of the brain. Thanks for entering xx

      1. That’s awesome!I love to find another soul out there who tries to balance the logic side and the art side by doing nail art! πŸ™‚

  17. Hiya!
    My name is Lizzy and my Instagram user tag is @lizzzzythomas
    I am entering this give away because first and foremost, like any gal, I love glitter. Another reason being I would love to share these polishes with my mother. Although she’s an old hippie she never wore makeup or did her nails so growing up I taught myself. Now it’s time for me to teach her and repay her for everything else she has given me! And what 64 year old woman wouldn’t like to experiment with sparkles?!

  18. Hi, I’m Jules, I’m 22 from Australia, my Instagram is @justjlmanning and you’ll be able to see that I LOVE nails, in still a newbie but being a full time carer and student, it’s hard to be dedicated all the time, still do as much as I can though. I’ve followed your Instagram for ages and I’m a huge fan πŸ™‚ email is

  19. Hi Atima, my name is Priya (IG: @peeyud)
    Living in London, I’m 28 and an accountant (not a typical boring one tho) In my youth I used to bite my nails so much they never grew, but I still used to paint my nails with two colours.. Since joing Instagram and seeing the massive nail community, it inspired me to start painting my nails again (and do nail art rather than just flicks) anyway interesting things.. I’m a traveller and have started buying polish wherever I visit.. I recently skydived for charity and walked the Great Wall of china πŸ™‚
    Would love for oi to follow me but guess u get that all the time.. Great giveaway πŸ™‚

    1. Aww thanks very much hun, as odd as it may sound I do visit pages of my regular likers and commenters on my instagram page so I don’t always have to be following you to notice your page. Thanks for entering xxx

  20. Ashley Clayton my instagram account is @2beautifully_me4

    A little about myself I am a 24 year old mother of one who has basically had to learn to be a mother by myself. I was 4 and a half months pregnant with my daughter when my mother, best friend, and role model past away. At only 19 years young it is very hard learning to be a mother without your own mother to go to. Just like nail art I learn something new everyday. I learn more ways to handle my daughter, learning patience, and overall gaining strength. This is what I have started doing with my nail art. Being a mother there is no “go to guide” to teach you right from wrong, when they are sick, for terrible two’s it’s something you learn as time goes on. I find that nail art is the same! You don’t just pick up a brush and become fabulous it takes patience and strength in knowing you will get better. Thank you for giving all of us a chance to win this amazing prize and thank you for listening to my story. R.I.P My Love this one is JUST for you

  21. I’m a master student who loves pole dancing, which is a sport people usually have the wrong idea about so I always have to explain myself. The past six months I’ve started to be more creative when I’m painting my nails but my small nail polish collection contains NO GLITTER! It’s a disaster, but this Essie Collection can really help me with that.
    Instagram: millan_tiger

  22. Hi my name is Chelsea, I’m 22 years old and I live in Canada. I love painting my nails and doing nail art everyday and I love doing my friends nails (: I’m obsessed with nail polish and I would be overjoyed to have these Essie polishes because I can’t usually afford them. I’ll be crossing my fingers!
    My instagram is: nails_bychels
    My email is:


  23. Hi, my and Os Brenda my email is and my Instagram is @midnightprophecy8277. I love volunteering and helping people in my community, I even got a vision screening certification so I could help nurses screen children in schools in order to help prevent blindness due to undetected eye illnesses. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway, I really would love to try Essie nail polishes I’ve never had the chance of using them. I love trying to do your designs but they never come out right hopefully I can get it right and finally put it up on Instagram for you to see.

  24. Hi
    My name’s Susan and I’m @glamsusie on Instagram. I self taught myself how to do nails and nailart by watching lots of YouTube vids and hours and hours of practicing on fake tips and my sister. Nailart is a hobby of mine and once I buy a new nailart stand I can spend hours on end locked up in my studio doing detailed art on 32 lollipop sticks.

  25. Hey, happy birthday!
    My name is Diana, my email is and my instagram account is @diannadobreva
    I’m only 15 years old but I have always been into the nail-polish thing because of my elder sister, who was constantly doing her nails in different colours and shapes back then. It all started with many experiments but now I try to follow all the steps of the tutorials I’m reading so that I don’t mess my nails. Practise makes perfect, right? (By the way, blue is my favourite colour) My family consists mostly of women so you can guess that we are all kinda crazy about nails and stuff. Anyway, other than nails, my main passion is music and singing – I take part in a lot of concerts and enjoy every minute on stage, being able to communicate with people in that way, expressing emotions…. and buying new nail polishes which match my outfits. πŸ˜€
    Glitter is my thing so I would be really thankful & happy if I win this giveway. Thank you! πŸ™‚

  26. Hey (:
    My name is Evelyn, I live in Texas.
    Currently 16 going on 17 in January (:
    Studying to be a cosmotologist at my school really excited about learning nail designs, I love all the nail art you do, i try to do them myself but i still need practice(:
    Ive bought a couple of nail polishes only a few essies they are quite expensive but I love them(:
    Even if I dont win thanks for sharing your nail art with all of us. My instagram is @evelynnnn08

  27. Hi, I’m Ruth, a native Austrian who has followed her heart to England. β™₯ I am in a bit of a funk at the moment because I’m about to turn 31 on 23rd December and spend my birthday and Christmas in the UK due to loads of boring, self-pittying reasons but what really puts me in a funk is that it will be my first Christmas without my Oma (grandma). I miss her so very much these days it’s just not the same. So I try and keep myself busy polishing my nails and learning about others who polish theirs with a passion and about how sweet and supportive they are to each other. So you amongst others have made me smile today and for that I am grateful. β™₯β™₯β™₯ Ruth (@ruth_knall on IG)

  28. My name is breezy and on instgram I go by batgirl2295. I aspire to be a nail tech in future and for the ret of my life. I LOVE! doing nails and getting creative. Not many people know that I am secretly afraid of gnats

  29. Hey! My name is Nicole, my Instagram name is nickholetrip. I’m a 21 year old college student in California who loves dogs, sports, and finding creative nail ideas to try out! I used to raise yellow Labradors to be Guide Dogs for the Blind. One of the puppies I trained is still a working Guide Dog in Texas which is pretty cool and makes me so proud. I also injured my knee 7 years ago (I’m actually missing part of it) and doctors still don’t know what exactly is wrong with it. Fortunately I’m getting surgery next year to try to figure it out! It would be awesome to have some new polishes to play with while I recover πŸ™‚ Thanks for having this give-away, Essie is my favorite brand of polishes! Keep up the amazing work on your blog & Instagram!

  30. Hi, I’m Roberta my instagram is nailed2perfection and my email is

    First happy belated birthday and congrats on the 50k mark!

    Well, as far as who I am, you asked for something creative and that’s pretty much all there is to it. I love doing just about anything creative. This of course includes doing my nails and hair, I’m also a singer/song writer, musician (I play multiple intruments), I make jewelry, paint and try to make just about any craft, I enjoy cooking as it brings my creative juices to the table as well lol. I’ve been in theater for over ten years and teach little kids how to act in an after school program. Ive written several plays and skits and I do all this out of fun and pure enjoyment (not tryin to be famous) We’re expecting our first child in march (a girl!) and my hubby desperate hopes she gets my creative genes lol

    1. Aww that’s lovely, im a bit of a creative soul myself and because i don’t work in the arts industry i try to ssurround myself with creative activities, nail art being my favourite. Thanks for entering xx

  31. Hi there ! Im 16 and I looove nails art ! I almost have the same name than the polish lol ! Those are really beautiful colors ! I would totally stop biting my nails if I had them wow! Thanks for making this give away Atima you are sweet xx

  32. Hi! My IG name is ASHLEY_HAKKER. Email address is ok so something about myself. Hmm well I’m 26 years old and I have 3 boys ages 5, 2, and 5 months. I feel that is the most important thing about myself because my life revolves around my boys. I started getting into nail art around April 2013. When I started I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I just enjoyed it. Then I started looking at nail accts on ig just to get ideas. Then next thing I knew I was following a bunch of women in the nail community on ig no idea it was a community like that. I’m so glad I have found all of you women on ig because I have learned so much from all of you and still learn so.much everyday. I thinks its awesome to see all of.these women that share the same passion come together and give each other encouragement and happy words everyday. I just love it. I’m so used to negativity from people that when I saw the kind words from these women it brightens up my day everyday. To know there are kind people in the world. And all around the world!! Ok so I feel like I’m just going on and on and on. But yeah I really love your work as well. You’re amazing! And happy belated birthday! πŸ™‚

  33. Hi, my name is Laura and I just turned 50!!! Woohoo!!!
    I am a Physical Therapist and volunteer at our local firehouse as an EMT.
    Mom and step-mom to 4 growing children
    My email addy is
    Instagram @brownizs

  34. Hey!! First of Happy Birthday!! xx
    I’m an Asian girl and I love absolutely anything to do with nails!! I think it’s safe to say I’m obsessed with nail art πŸ˜€ I’m really smart and good with sarcasm! Apart from that I can be really sweet and I’m never mean! I love cats too! πŸ™‚ aren’t they just adorable?? Btw thanks a lot for hosting this giveaway! Your nail art is just amazing! And I’d to have one of Essie’s nail polishes! Stay blessed and stay awesome! xxx
    Oh and my email is

  35. Im a 15 yr old girl who’s is starting to get into makeup nd nailpolish nd my passion has always been dancing nd singing since I was a kid nd I would love to win this set of nail polishes so tht I can start growing my collection

  36. Hiya!
    My name is Kelly and I’m 17! I am literally obsessed with painting my nails, I must do it about every week, I love to do nail art and always post pictures of my nails on my Instagram (@kelliebaldwinn on IG) cause I always feel so proud after I finish them, but i paint my nails as more of an escape from my life for just a few hours, I’m really close with my nan and grandad but my nan is really ill and my grandad has cancer, we might not be able to spend Christmas with them, so this is my one escape πŸ™ ! I’m obsessed with essie, I’m trying to collect them all, but I can’t seem to find any of these ones πŸ™ it would be the best Christmas present ever if I won your competition! My email is, p.s hope you had a great birthday!

  37. Hi my ig is @lisa_hutten I live in the UK I have developed a love of nail polish and nail art over the last 6 months and am totally spoilt by my boyfriend who buys me most of the nail varnish I like and I have recently got into indie polishes and love them and will be becomming an official swatcher for the first collection from a new uk indie….I used to be a nurse many years ago but now I help my boyfriend at home due to his back problem’s. …my email is xxx

  38. Hi my name is Tiffany my email is I would love to win this polish!! I love Essie!!! It would be awesome to add to my collection!!! I am always trying to do different designs on my own and love to paint my nails. I also love to go visit my aunt, who has dementia, and Alzheimer’s, she is in a nursing home, I go once a week and paint her nails and toes for her!! It is one of the only things she will entirely sit through!! It makes me feel good to be able to do that and sit and talk to her about the old days, that’s all she remembers, anyway these colors would look wonderful on her and it would be amazing!!!! Thank you!!!

  39. Hey im Rachael Newton (and no my middle name’s not fig, and I’m not related to Isaac Newton xP) and I’m from the amazing Lone Star state, a.k.a Texas. Although im only 15 years old, I have recently been addicted to painting my nails O_O and this essie collection seems great because it has my two favorite colors, blue and silver. I love practicing designs on myself and my twin sister :). My email’s

  40. Hi im 24 as a kid ive been using my money saved up from babysitting to pay for my siblings needs as we werent well off.i put my dreams in hold. Now that im married ive gone to college and managed to qualify in nails. Id love to start practicing in this area but as I became preg straight away I havent managed to save money to buy nail varnish.ive been trying to save but as any mum would know kids are expensive lol so this would be a great opportunity to maybe get a break and start practicing my passion. Anyway, happy birthday! And keep ur designs coming. Love em.

  41. Hi I’m Noa I’m thirteen and live in Cali I love painting my nails when I have free time cause I’m always playing soccer but that’s my sport nd having these nail polishes would be awesome I don’t get any very often but I think doing giveaways are cool it keeps people interested well thanks byeeeee

  42. my email is my instagram is cali_munekita(: i love nail polish because you can do any design and the different colors you can choose(: i am not really good but i try my best to do my nails lol(: thank you for this lovely giveaway(:

  43. Hi! My name is Sara, @saraomega on Instagram. I’m new to the whole nail art scene but I fell in love after seeing all of the beautiful work done by you and others on Instagram. I also had a terrible habit of biting my nails and since starting my nail art journey earlier this year I haven’t bitten not once. πŸ™‚

  44. Lately, my favorite nail artist (that’s you, lovey :), jewelry designer, and tattoo artists are ALL UK based and I am obsessed with the way my friend from London says the word “butterfinger” (“buh-uh-fanga” <3). I may have to consider relocating! πŸ™‚ Also, I met my husband in circus school (splits and backbends class).

    Thanks for an aaaaaawesome blog/IG and have a great day! xo

  45. Hi my name is Katja, my name is weird and I can name lots of essie polishes just by seeing them. Not sure why or how and also have weird 4 am thoughts all hours of the day like: “It’s a good thing nobody has built a convenience store inside a volcano, because that doesn’t seem convenient at all” so yup that’s my funny story

    My IG : ohgingeryone

  46. Hi my Name is Yomara, my email address is and my instagram is ynhk4……im a mother of two beautiful princesses and a blessing on its way ,iam a nail art beginner you and alot of nail ladies in this community in IG inspire me to love nail polish more and more everyday its just great to follow talented ladies as yourself πŸ™‚

  47. Hello, my name is Juliana and I love your nail designs! My Instagram name is azucar2544 and my email is I am not a very creative or “artsy” person (I’m an accountant), so I emulate what I see and some of your nail art has been a bit of an inspiration for me. I have never traveled outside of the US but this coming summer my husband is taking me to the World Cup in Brazil! I am excited and nervous at the same time.

  48. Hi! First of all, wishing you a very happy birthday! ^o^ also, congrats on reaching 50K followers on IG! the follows are well-deserved~ πŸ™‚

    Anyways, here’s my attempt~ haha!
    I’m an advertising slave (lol) in the morning, and a nail diva by night. XD why night you ask? It’s because I just discovered fairly recently my obsession with nail art. For me, nail art is special because it was the best way for me to relieve myself of stress from the usual stuff in life. Advertising can get REALLY stressful, so it’s like a perfect get away from it all once I set up all my stuff for nail art. πŸ™‚ I used to work on my college plates at night (I’m a Fine Arts student way back) and doing something creative like nail art sort of gives me the same high as back when I’m still in school (which I terribly miss. πŸ™ )

    I hope that gives you an insight about me and why I just loooove nail art just like you and the next person beside me in this comments thread. πŸ™‚ Wishing you all the best in your blog and your wonderful nail art “life!” :))

  49. Hi! My name is Sara, @Saraomega on Instagram. My email address is I started my nail art journey about midway through this year after having a long love/hate relationship with acrylics. I was using those as a way to get over my nail biting habit. Then I discovered the nail art community on instagram. I also realized how much better proper nail care & uber cute polish is to ward off nail biting. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  50. IG: @sophiefarr93

    Hi I’m Sophie! When I was younger I wanted to be an astronaut and am now studying astrophysics at Cambridge so fingers crossed! The galaxy nail trend is what got me obsessed with nail art, and I now absolutely love giving myself mani/pedis and feel naked with bare nails! Can’t really afford to splash out on such beautiful polishes as a student so would absolutely love to win!! Thank you xxx

  51. @lauraleighb
    Right now I am watching Toy Story. I saw this movie in the theaters when it first came out. I’ve been hooked ever since. Even though I’m 30 and have no kids, I’m sitting here reciting the entire thing word for word. #sorrynotsorry #dontjudgeme

  52. Your nails are the best I have been following you on IG for AGES @davidoffnails is my IG, so recently I’ve won 2 concert tickets beyonce and Selena Gomez ❀️ So I feel kinda lucky! And I’m broke and dying for this collection to complete me!

  53. Well I think it’s so cool you’re doing this contest! I have a decent amount of Essie nail polish, but I hate buying it full price! Too pricey for me! I find them on Amazon or at TJ Maxx at lower prices, because Essies really do work well! I started painting my nails in hopes of stopping biting them, and it worked! I rarely bite them anymore, but they don’t grow very long:/ I’m kinda ok with that though lol;) My nails right now are the city skyline, it’s a blue/purple gradient with buildings on top. I think they’re so cool, although it wasn’t my idea! I started following you on Instagram because I thought it was cool that you have little twin babies and still have time to paint your nails lol! That must be tricky sometimes! But I love the designs you come up with, they’re always so creative, and your videos are always awesome! You should definitely make them more often:) Your accent is adorable! Anyways this is turning out WAAAYY longer than I intended but if I win could you please just contact me on ig? @amandagreene146 I can give you my email from there:) Thanks again, and happy birthday!!!!!:))))

  54. Hi Atima, congratulations on 50k! I’m Kristin (or @kgrdnr on Instagram), and I just recently got a manicure & pedicure certificate so I can start working on others as a nail technician. It’s pretty exciting, and hopefully I can find a job I love!

    My email address is πŸ™‚

    Thank you!

  55. email:
    Instagram : @Always_4evernails
    Hey Atima my name is Luisanny, Im 20 I have a 10 month old baby boy, full time job, and husband + I love to do nails!
    I like to learn new things-and I like to learn all by myself. EX: I learned portuguese all by myself, I do DIY projects all by myself from scratch and I learned to do nails all by myself!
    I have a really busy life so I want to feed my Obssesion, but I can’t, so when I dont do my nails I can’t sleep at night thinking of what to do next lol!
    I am new at this so this is a new experience, besides being a Mommy…but ready to learn NAILS 101, I learn a lot from you so I admire you talent!
    thanks for reading & God bless! – Lulu <3

    1. PS. “There’s always a reason to smile, Find it!”
      IDK I just had the feeling to add this…In the moments when My happiness was gone there was always a reason to smile for…a reason to keep going…anger will never let you the problems go away, But a will make you stronger.

  56. Greetings from Texas! My name is Aimee Olivas. My email is and my Instagram name is @smarticlesaimee. My family has been struggling financially for a few months now and not having my dad around doesn’t help either. My dad passed away about four years ago and it does not get easier with every year that passes by. I’m a senior in college and I always do my best to make my dad proud in heaven. I am very close to my family and always try to help my mom in any way that I can. The reason why I started painting my nails more often was because I saw your nail pictures a while ago and hoped that one day I could be as good as you. Painting my nails helps me distract myself from the problems around me. My dream is to one day visit London mainly because of Doctor Who and Sherlock. Receiving a gift from you would be an honor but I thank you for taking the time to do this giveaway for all of the fans that know how talented you are. Happy holidays!

  57. Hey! My name is kiran and im 18 yrs old, an indian living in Chile! I am participating in this giveaway because one thing i am passionate about is nails, i always have something interesting in my nails, when i graduated from highschool my friends gave me an award of infinite free manicure, of course it was a joke because i am known for always having my nails pretty, nowdays my friends at college also notice my nails everytime they see me! I hope you choose me!!
    My name on instagram is kiraaan_s and my mail is

  58. Hello! πŸ™‚
    I find extremely sweet that you are giving away this beauties, great way to celebrate your birthday!
    My name is Cristina and I am from Costa RIca. I’m just four months to be a Pharmacist, and is that what made me enter in the nail polish/art world. Because of the university and work I was always stressed out, bored and even angry, ’cause I had time for nothing, Every time my friends asked me to go out I couldn’t because I was to busy and when I could go out no one else could, so it was really annoying for me. Then a random day I started to paint my nails ’cause I was bored studying, and my sorprise was that I sucked! Jaja!! I polished all the flesh around my nails and it looked bad! And I didn’t even know what was cleaning up, so I had a hot mess on my nails and I tought I was so cool with my nails (and flesh) all colored up! Now that I think about it is so sad and fun at the same time, jaja.
    Now I’ve learnt a lot about keeping my nails pretty and healthy. I’ve been following you for a while ago and I love you nail art, but I really admire how you balance your time between a full-time work, your two babies and keeping your nails rocking!

    Well, no more talky-talk! I don’t want to get you bored!!

    Feliz CumpleaΓ±os Atima!! (Happy Birthday Atima :* )

    IG: crisalvarado17

  59. Oh, the whole part about myself I left off my first post. I work as a RN at a children’s crisis shelter in Tucson Arizona. It’s the best job a girl would hope for. Kids love their nails painted. I could spend all day painting and repainting nails; it’s such a bonding time. Earlier this year I brought in a few polishes to paint the nails of our 4 and 5 year old kids. One little boy wanted his nails painted sky blue but before agreeing he turned around and asked a little girl in the group…… if I do this will you still be my friend? She said yes. Oh, he got them painted. Just a little story from work. So cute, the day to day stories I see. Dawn

  60. Well, hi! My name is Nika, I live in Moscow, Russia. My country is bug, beautiful and I love it! My obsessions are nailart and horses. Well, maybe that is all I can say. Not a superhero but I’m happy that you will read it!
    instagram- miss_ricci
    P.S. Thanks for amazing nailart inspiration! β™₯

  61. Hi my name is Ellinor! I’m a 16 year old girl from Sweden (yes, i got premission from my mom).
    I’ve always wanted to have long, strong and beautiful nails but since I was little I have always been biting on my nails. You may know that those kind of nails are not beautiful, strong or long.
    I decided to stop biting them because I really wanted long and beutiful nails. It was hard but a thing that helped me a lot were your Instagram. I searched for nail accounts to get inspired and I found yours. Today I’ve got longer nails than ever and I’m super proud. I’d like to thank you for that, and Essie. I bought a nail strengther from Essie that really worked! Thank you!

    My ig: ellinorsvalberg
    My mail:

  62. Hey, I’m Jennifer-maree I have a severe obsession with nail polish and nail art. I love all kinds of art but wish I had more time to spend being creative. I am a tomboy and love to express myself with my nails. =) @jennifer_maree. Lots of Love from New Zealand =)

  63. Hi there, I’m Merrel and I’ve been practicing nailart since 2010. I love polishes, but I was never able to buy Essie because it’s way too expensive here for me. Now I’ve also been looking for holographic and metal polishes. It would be awesome if I won, so I can have both in one go πŸ™‚ thanks a lot for reading

  64. Hey (:
    i am Michelle and i’ll become a hairdresser. I am so in love with your instagram, mine is michellejordanow. I come from Germany and we don’t have essie here in my town, so I am so excited about this contest!

  65. Hi! I’m Nayia my email is and my instagram is xrisompouklitsa.
    I’m 25 and I live in Greece, my biggest love is painting but I actually love anything creative like baking and doing my nails!! I can’t go a day without my nails polished!!! I have a five year old niece in the US and we love talking about our nailpolishes, especially pink polishes!! I also have an african grey parrot and two dogs and sometimes I think about painting their nails too…I know, it’s crazy!!! But that’s how much I LOVE nail polish!!! I just want everyone’s nails looking pretty… πŸ˜€

  66. Hello, my name is Saba and I am a 15 year old bangladeshi girl. I have been obsessed with nail art since I turned 13. At first I started off with growing my nails and began doing nail art on my own hands until I got tired of doing it on my hand. Then I wanted to take a step forward and started painting everyone’s nails around me. I used to love it when they complimented my skills. And then I found you on instagram, i was so inspired to see your nail arts that I used to sit all day trying to do exactly what you did. Thank you so much for inspiring me.And yes you have BEAUTIFUL nails β™₯. The reason I would want this Essie Nail Polish set is because there isn’t Essie nail polish anywere around Bangladesh or atleast I haven’t seen any. And it would be wonderful if I won this set so that I could impress more people with my work. And I did take my parents permission. πŸ˜€

  67. Hi my name is Becky, and I am a mother of two. My daughter who is 13 is an art student (as I was back in the day), she totally hates my nail art addiction. She gets so mad when her friends come over and want to paint their nails with all my goodies. While my 9 y/o son, is my wing man when it comes to colors and designs. He is great for picking out what colors to paint my nails and he loves looking at IG for new ideas for me to try and finding inspiration for me to make my own designs. I have always loved polish and wore just a basic single cream color until recently. Over the past couple of months I have evolved from having just a handful of polishes to over 100. I am partially covered in tattoos and love showing off my colorful nails as well. Doing my nails is one more way I can express myself through my body art πŸ™‚ Happy belated Birthday! Thank you for all your hard work, time and dedication you put into your blog, all us nail addicts really appreciate it!! and thanks for the giveaway
    IG: PermInk11

  68. Hey there, first of all Happy Birthday to you. Better late than never. My name is Annika and I live in Germany. Currently I’m a student, but since I’m sick a lot I spend most of my time at home. To have something todo while at home i started a blog about nailpolish. My obsession with nail polish only grew from point on. I hope I can get my bachelor degree next year.
    Have a nice day πŸ™‚
    (my mail adress is

  69. My name is Saige Hoop, I am Homeschooled, love Michael Jackson, Dance and Nail Art.

    I found Nemo on Google plus, when I saw her photos I was always amazed with how simple her designs looked, yet how complexed they really were, she had inspired me to do great with my nail art. I have been doing nail art for about 2 years now and have been able to make alot of money at my dance studio in Orem, Utah. I am a Ballroom dancer and I dance with Legacy Dance and on the BYU college youth team. Being 17 I hope to get a scholarship through dance. Other than dance, Nail art is my favorite Hobbie, and through the two years of nail art, I have never won a giveaway. πŸ™‚ fingers crossed!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

  70. Hi! So i am a girl form the really cold country Norway! since i was very little i’ve been singing all day and i still do! (witch annoys my family a little, oops!) i got addicted with nail art some month ago, and i watch videos every day and get inspiration through Instagram! the only barrier is that i don’t have so much nail polishes that i want πŸ™ (It’s on my wish list for christmas and my birthday ;)) I also love fashion! (and i love One Direction more than everything in the world!) I use most of my time at school and i love animals. my instagram is @mmmlas and my email is Thanks for doing this giveaway! it’s so kind! <3 Love your blog and instagram πŸ˜€

  71. Ig: @sigalsnails
    Hi im sigal and i live in Israel and im 17. I love doing nails and i would really like for it to be my job when ill grow up . I started doing nqils when i was 14 and until than i really thought theres nothing im good at . Anyway im high school senior , i like dancing , painting , tv , books and nail art of course . I use Instagram,tumblr , i heart it and youtube for inspiration . Thank you for doing this giveaway , its really awesome ! And my emails is

  72. Hi Atima. I actually had no idea you ran a blog until I saw your instagram post! I’ve followed you on there for ages, and always loved your posts. So creative without being tacky like some nail art can be. Your nails are gorgeous. My instagram is @kelsieannemasson. Something about me… hmm. I’m 22 living in New Zealand, and earlier this month I finished my second degree. So, now I have to Arts degrees and no idea where I want to go in life. 2014 will see me ditching study to work full time to save for a big travel adventure. I plan to head to Italy and Greece to use my Classics knowledge (for sightseeing haha). Congrats on the followers!

  73. Hello I’m Eleanor liked to me called Ellie I’m 19 years of age I have a 7 month old son love him to pieces have just done my own business in beauty and nails I would love these polished so much to help me get where I want to be I don’t have a lot of money at all I have help from family and friends and trying to get a viraty of polishes to show my customers of the different colours and designs they can have I would love to win these but I know I won’t i know its a long long shot but I lv gave my best thank you my name on intergram is _allen18_OXO

    Thank you xx

  74. Hello! First of all, my name is Joelle. My email address is and my instagram tag would be joellelau. Simple, hehe! πŸ™‚ I’m seventeen this year and I’m from this little country called Malaysia. I’ve just finished my last paper of finals and I’m done with secondary school. I love looking at nail arts and always wanted to attempt a nice nail art of my own but I didn’t have the right nail polishes. Your nail arts are beautiful, fell in love with em ever since I saw a tag of you on an ig picture. I even screenshot some pretty nails done by you just for some inspirations. I’m so happy when I read that this giveaway would be international. Thank you so much for that :)) Teehee! <3

  75. Email:
    My name is Sam and I’m from England, UK. I Love having my nails done and I LOVE acrylics but I have just started a nursing degree so I can’t have them anymore πŸ™ I would love some beautiful nail polish to make up for it!
    Thank you!

  76. Hi my is massiel, I have a 2 year old daughter and I would love to win these nail polish I love painting nails, self learned I practice when I can because my daughter and the school take all my time I don’t have any Essie nail polish they are very expensive for me so I only buy the cheap ones

  77. Heyho (;
    My name is Doreen, I’m from Germany and 16 years old (and yes, my parents allowed me, to take part of your giveaway <3). I love nailpolish and I have my own Instagram, but I'm not popular or something like that. My Instagram is deys_nailart (: I'm not realy good, but I'll never give up and I hope, I have a good chance to win your giveaway. I also look at your blog every morning (:

    I wish everyone good luck and I hope, I can win (:

    Lovely wishes, Doreen <3

  78. Hey Atima,
    My Name is Mona and I’m 16 Years old. At first I apologize for my bad English πŸ™ I hope you understand me anyway. I’m a girly student from Germany and so I live there. I found a very nice picture of your Nails on Instagram and so I found your Blog. And ! OH MY GOD ! your Nails ! WOW ! I can’t describe how beautiful there are. When I read your personal description I think : oh, like my mum .. Yes, I’m still young, but I have a little brother and two little sisters and I loved there all ! Sometimes there are annoying but that’s normal l, right ? We are an strong family, only with mum but we stick together – all time. My little sisters are two and twelve years old. My brother are seven years old. Oh yes .. Sometimes its not easy to be the oldest child and the big sister ! I saw an picture of you and your two little girls – so cute ! When I think about that .. I feel so good because I see that picture and I know they are so much love and happiness all over the world. I could see it in her eyes and your funny face ;D -beautiful back to me ! I go to school and visit the first year of my “graduation from high school” in Germany they call “Abitur” and you can make it after the last school year. I like to go to school .. Yes ! Really .. ! πŸ˜€ in my future plans I imagine to work as a doctor or a dentist. After school I meet friends or visit all drugstores in our city. Then I stand a long long time in front of the Nailpolish shelf. Oh yes, I love it ! I have a Blog too. But I’m not so famous .. Of them I have lots of pictures of my painted nails and first designs or maybe hauls and so on .. At the last months I had not enough time, so I posted nothing πŸ™ On my room at home I have a big shelf with lots of polish and I love then ! Oh yes ! We girls in our family are an real “gang” and I must ever paint all there nails πŸ˜€ so lots of girlfriends come to my to paint there nails .. Its also my job ! I had never enough money to buy new colors .. So I had an mini-job after school .. So I can buy cloths,makeup, nailpolish and so on .. But at the end its ever not enough money for expensive or “better-quality” nail polish.. πŸ™ so I really don’t have essie nail polish .. Oh yes its true ! I looked at all the beautiful colors but .. I have not enough money .. To win your giveaway is also a big dream .. I don’t now my person are so interesting πŸ™ but I hope I could show you my person .. ! You see my nailpolish-love begins very early .. About withe the age of 14 or 15 .. And with the age of 16 I beginn starting painting my nails more exactly and specially and I make difficult designs .. My favorite colors have lots of glitter or specially shimmer or other effects. So I love sugar crush nail polish or a matt finish .. Ahhhh .. Oh god, I could talk about that all time of day πŸ˜€

    I send you love greetings and big kisses, in love, MONA

    1. Thanks for this lovely comment. I understand you perfectly. Thanks for entering. Can you also leave your contact details, Instagram tag and email so I can contact you if you win xx

  79. Hi!! My name is Ella and I’m a polish addict!! I started doing nails when I was about ten and now that I’m 15 (yes, my parents gave me permission) I feel like I have gotten pretty good. But not as great as you are!! I have been staring in awe at these polishes ever since I saw them up on your Instagram! My Instagram tag is @totally_gruntle. Fingeres crossed!!

  80. emaione -instagram

    Hey! I’m a 21 year old beauty advisor and certified Cosmetician and of course nail enthusiast! I started out just doing my own nails for fun, then my friends, now clients! You nails inspire me, which is why i follow you on instagram! These polishes would look lovely in my collection though and i know my clients would adore them! I always say keep calm and

  81. emaione -instagram

    Hey! I’m a 21 year old beauty advisor and certified Cosmetician and of course nail enthusiast! I started out just doing my own nails for fun, then my friends, now clients! You nails inspire me, which is why i follow you on instagram! These polishes would look lovely in my collection though and i know my clients would adore them! I always say keep calm and paint those nails ;)!
    Thanks for a chance girl xo!

  82. Email:
    Instagram: @nailstorming

    I’m Gianna, I’m 22 and a graduate student. I used to use art as a form of therapy and would paint these huge, intricate butterflies on my walls and for murals and for others. As things got harder financially I couldn’t afford to get my nails done anymore and time wouldn’t allow me to paint much. So I started doing my own nails with cheap stripers and the possibilities seemed endless. That was a year ago, in March I started attempting character nail art and now my “before and after” pictures show a pretty amazing transformation! I recently started using acrylic paints for my designs and I feel like I can do anything, and what’s really amazing is that I’m excited about something again. Between full time grad school and work it can seem like there’s not enough time for me; nail art has been an unfailing outlet that makes me feel great and allows for a brief escape of all the work at hand.

  83. Hi

    Loovve your blog!!! Keep up with the good work!!
    I am lydia and i am 32 oh no..already 33 years old. At a surtain age you tend to forget your age:-) and i am from holland.. i would love to win these nailpolishes. I love essie and as a mother of three boys and al the manly hormones flighing through our house i had to find a girly hobby and that is nailpolish πŸ™‚ so i really hope i am the lucky winner!

  84. Helllooooo ladyy!

    It’s Shay from Instagram shaystylista. I’m super last minute with my entry but that’s how I am in pretty much everything else I do lol. I’m such a procrastinator. I had a craft sale yesterday and was up at 5am getting things ready. Just wanted to show my support for a fellow nail addict and enter. Since joining the nail art community on Instagram, I’ve been able to meet lovely, talented people like yourself and I am grateful for the friendships I’ve made. Good luck with the blog hun!


  85. Hi, I’m beth and I’m 13 my passion if anything to do with beauty, to be a beauty expert is my dream job, I love nails, hair, make up and fashion. I use the best products to get the best results. I am a singer and pianist. I live music! Having a nice varnish on my nails makes playing my piano even more special! Essie is an amazing brands and has such a good finish, thanks for inspiring me xxx

  86. First of all, thanks for hosting a great giveaway! My Instagram username is @amvpnails and my email adress is My name is Amanda, and I am a teacher in TN. This is my tenth year teaching, and I love it. I started doing nail art this summer as a way to shut my mind off at night because I was planning a wedding (got married October 5th), just moved positions at school and moved again for this year, and I am a full time Ph.D. student. Needless to say, I had a lot on my mind. Your awesome pics of your nails inspires me to stop, concentrate, and create something beautiful, and for for that, I am grateful!
    PS – I tried to post this once, so it if shows up more than once, sorry!

  87. My email : instagram @maram_nailed_it or hash tag #maram_nailed_it .
    I do believe that we are here to laugh at the difficulties we have , and to live it so good that death be afraid to take us ! That’s what I believe in it’s my motto πŸ™‚
    P.s : I live in Isreal and that fact is definitely not helping my nail art im doing nail art for about year now and I have never like never tried Essie before ( yes, it’s a disasters ) not only that I didn’t try China Glaze , Ncla , Picture Polish , Sally Handson they all aren’t available unfortunately also I entered a lot of giveaways I just don’t have luck ! So if I do win this I would still believe that there’s some faith in the world haha .
    Plus if you go through my page on instagram you can see that my designs don’t suck at all !
    Fingers crossed like really really want to get this! Other girls can just buy it but in my case that isn’t an option so if I win this I would be thankful gurl !
    Thanks a lot much love much love from Isreal and I do love your designs peace !!!

  88. Also, beauty was a way to overcome being bullied through primary school, I felt so horrible about myself but that was my little way of making my self have a bit of self confidence. Your amazing nails inspired me, I have admired your designed for ages! They are beautiful and so perfect! I hope to someday be as good at you at this and I would love to own some of my own Essie nail polishes to help me achieve this! Xxx

  89. Hi! My name is ester and I live in Sweden! Im 13 years old and I looooove to paint my nails πŸ™‚ I started this interest of nail art about 3 years ago and I started my nailart page on instagram 1 year ago. Im still kind of new to nail art but I know that this is what i want to do for the rest of my life!:) I love to paint my nails in glittery polish especially in the winter when they shine a little bit extra.
    Whit love from ester:) hope you have a great cristmast!

  90. Hi! My name is Eliatha, pronounced Eh-lee-ah-tah. (It’s French ^.^) I just turned 18 on veterans day and I live in the state of New Jersey. My instagram username is __LotusFlowerBomb (two underscores). I do nail art but they are not nearly as beautiful and creative as yours. My passion for nail art/polish came out of nowhere and I have no clue what got me into it, but now that I am into it my nails always look fab! This giveaway is just what I need to add to my collection. I don’t enter giveaways that have items I know I will not use because, even though there is a tiny chance that I might win, it is still selfish of me and I might stand in the way of someone who truly deserves to win. But anyways, you’re amazing and good luck to everyone!
    BTW: My email is

  91. ummmm. where do I start . well my name is Sheba. I am 38 I have 7 children all different ages 23,20,19,16,14,5,8months . I know that’s a lot lol I gave birth to only 5. all by c-section . my life is my family. I also have two grandchildren ages 4, and 4 months . being a parent is amazing. I recently became a stay at home mom and I am enjoying every min. my polish addiction came about maybe a year ago. I moved to a different city and could not find a nail salon that I liked so I started painting my nails myself . and I became addicted lol now I do my daughters and my friends as well. my life is not to interesting lol just wanted to share. thanks so much . I’m mamaferb on Instagram.

  92. My name is Elise, and I recently just started getting into painting my nails. I work part time and go to college full time, so I don’t have much time to go out and buy nail polish, but I love painting my nails. It gives me something to look forward to when I do get free time! Thanks for your time!

  93. Hi my name is Octavia everybdy knws me as Taymarie! Ive recently turned 26 Im a nail artist in Detroit Mi. I looooove my gift n everything that cums along wit it! Ive always dne nails since I can remember but only professional 7 yrs. Soon I plan to start my own company distributing nail jewels n crystals Id like to open my own chain 1day… I love this collection but cant offord it

  94. hi , my name is Rebecca, I’m from Massachusetts and was born and raised. im only 21 years old and about a year that ive been really obsessed with nail polish, I can’t say im the greatest but I love doing my nails with glitter.Lol my days usually consist of working. And on my days off Im painting my nails and watching my tv shows. I’m a child out of 7, I was adopted when I was 7 by my aunt who I consider my mom. I guess that’s the most interesting thing about me. lol guess im kind if boring…

  95. What a lovely giveaway! Well i’m Kirsty, I am from Australia. I love Essie Polish, it is so pretty. We have just recently been able to get Essie over here. But it’s alot $16.95-$19.95 a bottle. Would love to win your giveaway! Thankyou for the opportunity xxxx

  96. Hi I’m Evelyn and I’m 12 years old. My passion is singing and nail art. (I’m not that good) My mom was a nail artist but had stopped but I had really took an interest. Ever since I started painting my nails I thought I was amazing and everyone told me I was good, but now I realized they just made me feel better and I was terrible. But now I’m kinda good but I have found a new passion singing. Just as my nail art I was terrible, but I have Gotten so much better and it’s my true passion I love singing and art! It’s all I think about. (which is bad since I’m in 7th grade…) And lastly my IG name is _dear_no_one_ ! Good luck to everyone! And to the future winner congratulations!!!!
    THANKYOU for reading this!

  97. ig: @nailsbyeveryone
    Hello Atima ,First off Happy Birthday!!!! I recently became interested in the world of nail art last year, at the end of September, so my polish collection isn’t very big. πŸ™ Your nail art is my motivation, to one day hopefully be as good as you! πŸ™‚ I have a few Essies which i love! So to win these would just make my year!! Thank you for hosting such a lovely giveaway! πŸ™‚

  98. Instagram- rissamariexx
    Im 20 years old and i have a 1 year old daughter. shes so spunky and such a diva. When i was in grade school i was so shy, i didnt make many friends. I loved painting my nails since i was little. I would do different designs and the girls at school would compliment them and ask how i did them. It brouhht me out of my shell. And now even with a daughter i always find time to do the thing i love and thats painting my nails!

  99. Hi I’m Brooke!! I’m obsessed in painting my nails! My friends always ask me to do them! I am 12 and I have a twin brother! What is really cool is that my dad is deaf and I know sign language! Well anyway, I love making designs to my nails all the time but I really love sparkles! My mom says the glitter does come out like it looks.. I really don’t have a big collection and itwould be amazing to win this! Maybe i could prove to my mom that it looks great!!!Thank you!

  100. Hi Atima πŸ™‚

    You probably don’t remember me, but I remember you ! My ig account is @nail_newbee.

    I’m actually a quite private person. I wasn’t when I was younger, but I grew up, and learned the hard way that sometimes it’s best to keep you personal stuff for yourself… Well this wasn’t supposed to be something sad ! πŸ˜€
    Just an explanation of why I’m not going to tell my life story πŸ˜‰ – and then of course because of the space.. πŸ˜‰

    Though I want to share a little something with you that nailpolish and nailart did for me and my little world ! πŸ™‚

    I seem like a very secure woman with confidence and control over my life. But the truth is that I’m just as insecure and clumsy as anybody else… πŸ˜‰ After a hard time in life I stared polishing my nails, became a part of the ig nail community and then I actually won your beginner bling bling nailart contest ! πŸ™‚ I’m not a beginner anymore but what nailart did for me at that dark time, was giving me confidence in myself again, giving me hope and joy πŸ™‚

    So nailart got stuck with me πŸ˜‰
    Joy in a tiny little bottle β™‘

    What more can you possibly ask for in a nailpolish? πŸ˜‰

    One of my favourite brads is essie. And of course Denmark is such a small country so that the newest collection we have is the old essie lux effects.. sigh πŸ˜‰

    Love and best wishes

    1. Oh Loucie of course I remember you. Ahh you story really sticks with me as its the exact reason I took up nail art. After having had an operation to correct my hearing problems I suffered from facial palsy due to my facial nerve being damaged. For almost a yr I couldn’t smile, then I got pregnant found out I was having twins was very sick during the pregnancy. So my confidence was very low and nail art really helped a lot. Thanks for sharing your story.

  101. My email address and Instagram @vannybabes89 what can I tell you about myself my name is Vanessa I live in canada (Montreal). I love nails I just love it I’m entering In to school January for nails and I’m super excited about that !! I’ve posted some pictures of what I’ve done you can check it out on my Instagram. You are so very inspirational and I enjoy all you designs. Xox thank you for this opportunity happy holidays :):)!!

  102. Hi Atima,
    This is such a great give away, I would love to win this latests collection from Essie! Myself and my two beautiful daughters are always painting our fingers and toes, and this would be the perfect collection for our Christmas nails. Painted fingers crossed and good luck to everyone who has entered πŸ™‚ xxx


    Instagram ANDREA_1607

  103. My insta name= eliannarodriguez
    I can honestly say that in all my life I have never won a giveaway or anything some people have the luck and some don’t. I would love to win this giveaway because I have lots of nieces & we get together & have nail parties & I would love to add these colors to our collection. We love to paint the town red one nail @ a time! πŸ™‚

  104. Hey there Birthday girl! First of all best wishes and congrats on your 50k followers!
    So, my name is Paula and I’m 17. When I was little a had a huuuggeee nail biting problem and nail art saved me! (my nails are still a bit weak because of that bad habit though :/ ). I’m pretty sure I was one of the first of my girlfriends trying out nail art, and beautiful nail polishes are what inspire me the most and boost that small amount of creativity I have that only comes out when I’m working on my nails. Anyways, sadly it’s been a while since I updated my (not too small) nail polish collection due to excessive exams and college applications, so it would be wonderful to win these gorgeous essie polishes and get back in the mood for beautiful nail art.
    I hope I have a chance! And thanks for all your amazing posts and the inspiration you give all of us nail polish junkies, keep it up (:

  105. IG: Chazrebekka
    I live in the UK

    I’m not sure if this counts as ‘interesting’ but I’ll give it a go anyway.
    Every time I have to go to hospital for operations (I’ve had quite a few) I don’t pack books or anything like that, I pack nail varnish, cause when I’m stuck in a hospital bed I don’t want to read or knit or anything, I paint my nails to make me feel better, most of the women on the ward think it’s weird, but quite a few have wanted theirs doing too πŸ™‚ it’s nice to be able to share the joy in a place like that. I’ve never won a giveaway in my life, hopefully I have a chance with this one. I love your nail art, you inspire me every time I see your posts πŸ™‚

  106. Hello, my name is Allison! My email is and my instagram is allisonmurphyyo. Nail art is one of my passions. I have a split family and my dad and my stepmom recently split up. Both my mother and my father make me feel like an inconvenience but my (ex)stepmom never did. Having her leave is so stressful and doing nail art give me something to focus on. It takes all my stress away. I spend hours upon hours on my nail art, although I’m not that great. I’m only young and don’t have a job so getting nail polish and nail art tools doesn’t happen. I would love to win this giveaway so I can continue to grow as a painter (I don’t know what else to call it lol) and hopefully become as successful as you :*

  107. My Instagram name is @hottmama_of4
    I am a mother to 4 AMAZING children who I love more then anything in this world! I teach them that you can do ANYTHING if you put your mind to it. My youngest will be 3 next month and when I had just had her I signed up to audition for “The Voice” (USA) and I couldn’t go because I had postpartum depression but that isn’t going to stop me! I will audition again once the nodules heal on my vocal chords. I was born to sing!

    1. That’s amazing Hun. I know all about post partum depression. I suffered after having my twins too. I love singing too so we have that in common. All the best for when you audition, I’m sure you will be great. Thanks for sharing xx

  108. Hi! I’ve been doing nail art for the past year or so and I really love doing it! I find it a nice relaxing hobby to do on my days off! I can’t wear nail varnish in work though because I’m a nurse haha! I’ve actually been told I should start doing nails full time as a new career by some friends and fans! I’d loveee to get this set as I don’t have many glitter polishes as the good ones tend to be too expensive for me!
    Thank youu!
    Instagram @ginarose_nails

  109. Hey there Birthday girl! First of all best wishes and congrats on your 50k followers!
    So, my name is Paula and I’m 17. When I was little I had a huuuggeee nail biting problem and nail art saved me! (my nails are still a bit weak because of that bad habit though :/ ). I’m pretty sure I was one of the first of my girlfriends trying out nail art, and beautiful nail polishes are what inspire me the most and boost that small amount of creativity I have that only comes out when I’m working on my nails. Anyways, sadly it’s been a while since I updated my (not too small) nail polish collection due to excessive exams and college applications, so it would be wonderful to win these gorgeous essie polishes and get back in the mood for beautiful nail art.
    I hope I have a chance! And thanks for all your amazing posts and the inspiration you give all of us nail polish junkies, keep it up (:

  110. A little about me, I grew up on a farm where I learned how to operate heavy machinery by the time I was 10. Where I live we have some of the coldest winters where it is often negative degrees Fahrenheit, but if you can make it through the winter the summers are amazing. I have a toy maltese who is a rescue and the most precious little dog ever. I have a job where I can’t have my nails painted so every weekend I have them painted for about 3 days then have to remove it and it’s so sad lol. P. S. I love your designs!

  111. @sherlocklone (instagram)

    Im not going to say i love nail polish but my girlfriend follows you on instagram and loves your blog and designs. She loves painting her nails and I’m secretly entering this for her as she would love some Essie polishes. I hope you pick me so I can make her happy!!!

  112. Hi πŸ˜€

    My name is Kitsa. I’m 36 and I live in Denmark. I’m married to the love of my life (Awwwww ;P) and we’ve been together for nearly 18 years! <3 I have the cutest 10-year old son, Mikkel. He's my sunshine <3

    I follow you on Instagram (My username/tag is kitsamaria) and LOVE your nail art! I wish I could make such beautiful nails, but when I finish the left hands nails and they look almost OK, I JUST CAN'T MAKE THE RIGHT HANDS NAILS LOOK GOOD TOO… Buhuuuu πŸ˜‰
    I love nail polish of all sorts but my All Time Favorites are "Chinchilly", "For The Twill Of It" from Essie and "Mystic Metallic" by Dior (the one on my Instagram :)) I love to shop for nail polish and I loooove buying them hehehehe πŸ˜›
    I use nail polish EVERY day… You could say it's my hobby ;D
    That's why i HOPE HOPE HOOOOPE to win this Giveaway <3

    Oh I almost forgot… My email adress is:

    Thank You for letting me enjoy all your COOL pictures on Instagram πŸ˜€

    "Almost Christmas"-greetings from Kitsa Maria Hansen, Denmark <3

  113. My instagram is @Galaxyspins <3
    When I saw this give away, I definitely thought I should enter! My love of nail polish is nearly just as much as every girl on here, so it'll be hard to stand out πŸ˜› Just recently I started to dabble in nail polish art, and I'm always trying to do something that stands out! I would live to win this gorgeous pack to broaden my horizons of colors and pretty things!

  114. Hi first, thank you for giving this awesome set away, only really really nice people wanna give away such an amzing prize package! Ofcourse i love nail polish, duh haha! But just the moments i get nail polish it makes me umm glow! I i got my passion for nails , i think only 6 months ago, but now i’m just in love with the nail art world! I’m not a big part of but i hope i will be soon, enough about my nail polish love, something about myself! I’m really a mammie person lol, really! ( also a daddy one!) i only have 1 bestfriend, but my pets and my family are meaning the world to me! I love baking 2! And congrats on the 50k you deserve it! You deserve 10m! I hope i make a change to win, becuz i really want it! Kisses and much love roos, email: lindnerroos@gmail,com

  115. Hi my name is tasnim πŸ™‚ I’m 18 years old and live in the UK. Currently i am going to university, studying Computing. I absolutely love painting my nails and making them look lovely. I would like you to consider me because with these glitzy polishes i can make using a computer look glam when typing πŸ˜‰ also make a male filled course more sparkly.
    instagram: @pineapplejamcat

    1. Lol snap I did business comm systems which is an IT course and now work as an IT Service manager. I remember what it was like to be the only girl in my class lol thanks for sharing and thanks for entering xx

  116. Yay for such a thoughtful giveaway! I’m Annabel of @followthatway on Instagram and I’m 20 this year with a truckload of passion for glitter gradients and roses. During my free time I love to watch DIY videos and I like to recycle Ferrero Roche boxes! I’m also a really avid reader and now I’m trying to conquer the classics (not an easy feat!). Funnily enough, most of my friends don’t see me as a reader nor someone who loves to read (and even do nails) hahaha but I guess appearances can be deceptive and I think this comment is wayyyyy longer than I’ve expected but I hope you have fun reading this Atima hahaha and once again, thank you for the lovely giveaway! πŸ™‚

    1. Lol good luck with reading the classics. I used to read so much more than I do now. You know I love your nails right lol thanks for always being so great and lovely and thanks for entering xx

  117. Hola, I’m Destiny and I was born on Valentines day (I’ll be 18 next year), and I’m a senior in high school. I was raised in Wisconsin, and well something grabbing about me is that I’m a JUNK FOOD JUNKIE. Like I just can’t get enough of candy, and all other types of junk food. I have a HUGE sweet tooth. If I could eat junk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner I would (but I know it’s not healthy). Lol, another interesting thing about me is that I love to swim. The way I learned how to was back in middle school, and I went to this party with my friends. They all dared me to dive in the deep in, but of course I was to scared too. But, when I didn’t want to do it they pushed me in, & I fought & struggled until I started doing laps back and forth in the pool (lol, some friends). Freshman year I shaved all my hair off! I mean I went completely bald. Why? Because I was so sick of my hair, and just wanted something a little different. It’s all grown back now, but I kind of miss the baldness. Another thing about me if I love nail polish! Its like my getaway or stress reliever. I love trying out new things, using different techniques and styles. Polish is like make-up but too my nails. πŸ™‚

    My instagram is : Cubanoprincess2
    Email is:

  118. Hi! My name is Anastasia.
    Greetings from Sydney! I love nail art too, but im still a noob and my nails are not as good as yours. Still need more practice hahaha
    Anyway my email address is and my instagram is hd_anastasia
    And congrats on the 50k followers! xx

  119. My name lauren
    My instagram: _laurenjasa_
    My instagram account for my nails:lauren_loves_nails
    Yeah, I love nails, but im sure you have heard that a ton of times from everyone else so i’ll tell you something else(; i run cross country and im 13. I live in Iowa and in my free time i run, do my nails, read, or jump on my trampoline which i love, and play with my english bulldog lucy. I hope you consider thi because i could use some glitters and i cant afford a lot of it. Thanks this is a really sweet thing you do for people(:

  120. Hello, I am Gaynel!
    I was born and raised in Jamaica, but presently live in the States, with my husband. It has been my desire since age 4 to serve others through medicine and so this summer I sat the MCAT, the medical entrance exam for the US. A lot has happened, I’m out of school, waiting on med, and have loads of time on hand (can’t work); since joining IG as @nave_g I have had an outlet for creativity and happiness. Following you on IG, seeing your designs and trying to figure them out and recreate them make me happy. You in spire me to see beauty and not to let my craving to create die. Because of you and other IGers like @chalkboardnails though still a newbie I was able to design my worship pastor’ snails for her wedding. P.S. I think I may now be nail polish junkie lol. My email address is Thank you very much for doing this πŸ™‚

  121. After you had this giveaway, I went a bought ‘Belugaria’ and ‘Hors d’euvres’ for myself but I have found that they chip so easily my manicures never last more than a day or two. Have you any tips to help prevent the glitter from chipping so easily? I love your nail art, thank you Atima.


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