Valentines Nails – Drag Marble Technique using Body Shop Polishes

So let it be known that I really am not a big fan of valentines day and never have been. Many of my valentines days have been spent with friends or watching football lol.  I just believe that love is not for just one day of the year and it’s all a bit to hyped for me.  Anyway forget all that, even though I am not a big fan I still  like creating nails for occasions so I decided to do some Valentines nails using Body Shop Colour Crush Polishes.

I have been very impressed with all the polishes from Body Shop that I have tried so far.  They have great coverage and some are even one coat polishes, which for £5 is absolutely fantastic, but I will do a full review on the polishes another time.

The 2 colours used for this design are ‘Deeply in Love’ which is beautiful Cerise colour and is almost perfect in one coat as you will see from my tutorial, the second colour is ‘Frosting Fancy’ a pretty pink toned white polish, which is perfect in 2 coats.

Body Shop Colour Crush Polish - Deeply in Love

Body Shop Colour Crush Polish – Deeply in Love

Body Shop Colour Crush Polish in Frosting Fancy

Body Shop Colour Crush Polish in Frosting Fancy

I used a really simple technique of drag water marble to create these nails and you can see a tutorial by clicking play below.

I hope you enjoyed this really easy tutorial on how to create simple abstract swirly hearts using the drag marble technique.  I will be back soon with more nail art and reviews.

Thanks for reading and watching xx

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