Pastel Easter Egg Nails

Hi everybody, if you are already subscribed to my YouTube you may have already seen these nails.  I really wanted to get at least one easter nail design done this year, I was hoping to do more… But as you all know I am a busy mum of twins who also works full-time and it all gets a bit hectic in my life at times.

Anyway, I love easter and I always remember painting eggs as a child, believe it or not I was not overly keen on lots of chocolate as a Kid, although I seem to be now 🙂

So I used Illamasqua ‘Load’ which is just a perfect base for pastel easter egg nails and I have actually used it before for a very similar design I did a long time ago.

Pastel Easter Egg nails

Pastel Easter Egg nails

For a full tutorial and links to all products used including brushes, check out the video below and don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Happy Easter everyone xxx

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