Simple Stamped Nail Art – FAQ and Video tutorial

Hi everybody, so today I have a super simple mani for you.  I really think that stamping is one of the most popular ways to decorate your nails and create nail art at the moment. It appeals to beginners and pro’s and who could resist the amazing collections from MoYou London.

I have to admit I used to be absolutely rubbish at stamping, and I’m no pro now.  But I  really believe that the equipment you use for stamping can make a major difference to the end results.

So here are some tips and tricks and a video tutorial (further down in post) with voice over too.

Stamped Mani using MoYou London stamping plates

Stamped Mani using MoYou London stamping plates (Polish for base from Virtuous Polish – ‘Temperance’)

Stamping FAQs

Which are the best plates to use for stamping?

Well I have found the best plates are most definitely MoYou London plates, but there are lots out there, and I also enjoy using bundle monster plates too.

The key to  good plate is the etching of the design, I found some cheap no brand plates recently and tried to stamp a design, but because the etching on the plate was not deep enough it was useless. That is why I believe in buying reputable stamping plates that I know are going to work.

Where can I get that thing you stamp with?

The stamper is so important when stamping, different stampers can be used for different designs.  For example there are stampers which are harder and can be used for small designs and other larger and squidgy to be used for larger plates or all over nail designs.  I mainly use a stamper from the Winstonia Store and it is fantastic.  I cannot fault it and its a great one to start with.  I also own a couple of stampers from MoYou London but they are still no as good as the squidgy one from Winstonia store.

Can I use normal nail polish to stamp?

The answer is in theory yes you can, however there are some polishes that are better than others to use. Metallic polishes are always great to use for stamping as they usually have a thinker consistency than normal polish, which makes them great for stamping.

Using a very thin polish is not recommended as by the time it comes to picking up the image form the image plate the polish will already be dry.  I prefer to use special stamping polishes from Konad and MoYou London.

What is that you are using to scrape away the polish?

I use an old credit card as a scraper as I find the plastic ones that come with the stampers are not very good.  A credit card works much better and is free 🙂

And finally here is a video from my YouTube channel showing you how I created the nail art in this post.  For all equipment and polishes used please visit the description box under the video, and don’t forget to subscribe.

Thanks for reading and watching xx

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