Polished by KPT Lumières Swatch and Nail Art

Hi everybody today I have swatches and nail art of Polished by KPT’s Lumières which is available to by from Nail Paint Love.

So I am a big fan of glitter polishes and this is my first ever Polished by KPT polish so I was excited to try it.

Polished by KPT 'Lumières' Bottle shot

Polished by KPT ‘Lumières’ Bottle shot

As you can see this lovely glitter polish has a beautiful lilac tone to it and this is just lovely.  Here is another bottle shot in warmer lighting.

Polished by KPT 'Lumières' Bottle shot

Polished by KPT ‘Lumières’ Bottle shot

It has quite good coverage for a glitter polish and three coats was full opacity even on my long nails, which is great.

Polished by KPT 'Lumières' Swatch

Polished by KPT ‘Lumières’ Swatch

Isn’t it beautiful? this polish has a very etherial feel and is just perfect for a wedding.  I really love the holo and silver glitters, and the lilac sheen gives it a perfect softness for a glitter polish.  This is three coats with top coat.

Polished by KPT 'Lumières' Swatch with Flash

Polished by KPT ‘Lumières’ Swatch with Flash

Of course I had to take a picture of the glittery goodness with flash.  So so so sparkly:).

I did some simple Chevron and studded nails with this polish and will have a tutorial up later on my YouTube Channel, so keep a look out and don’t forget to subscribe.

Chevron nail art

Chevron nail art

I created these using Lumières from NailPaintLove, Nail Vinyls from Whats Up Nail art store and square studs from Sparkly nails.

Thanks for reading xxx


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