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Hi everybody. Hope life is treating you well 🙂 Today I have a review of a monthly subscription service for perfumes called ScentBird. It is unfortunately only available in the USA at the moment, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on one.

Ok so this is how it works:

You pay $14.95 for what they say is a 30 day supply of a fragrance, but I actually think it will last me much longer than 30 days, as I don’t just use one fragrance all the time.

So you take a quiz and then they come up with lots of suggestions for designer perfumes that match your answers. You then get to pick which scent you would like delivered to you and you receive a really sleek black twist up perfume holder filled with 8ml/0.27oz of your selected scent.  I choose Tom Ford Black Orchid.

ScentBird Monthly Fragrance subscription Service

ScentBird Monthly Fragrance subscription Service

It comes with a velvet pouch and is just perfect for travel.  It has a twist up action which means you won’t press it accidentally and won’t have any accidents with lids coming off and perfume flowing into your hand bag, and I have had that happen before.



Here you can see me holding the black metal container encasing the perfume, it is sturdy and feels like good quality.

I absolutely love the idea of this subscription service and wish we had one here in the UK. I also really liked the Tom Ford Black Orchid scent so I suppose that added to my satisfaction 🙂  For more information about subscriptions you can find details on the ScentBird website.

Thanks for reading.

Press Sample.

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    1. They unfortunately cannot ship to the UK at the moment, but think they are working on it. They sent it through a rather expensive courier who will carry perfume overseas, i don’t think it would make sense for them to do this for a mass customer base abroad, as far as I am aware they are trying to find a more economic way to expand the business abroad.

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