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Hi everybody today I have a review of Little Ondine polishes which are like no other polishes I have used. I am writing this review whilst on holiday in India 🙂 And I finally have a good enough internet connection to post this.

Anyway lets talk about the polishes. They are made from natural ingredients, natural resin, organic colourants and water. They are Odour free, quick drying and they can be peeled off easily, so that eliminates the need of acetone or polish remover.

I was really excited to try these polishes and was lucky enough to be sent three for review, Purple Rain, First Love and Back to Black.

Little Ondine

Little Ondine

I really like their packaging which adds to the natural theme of the polishes.

Little Ondine Packaging

Little Ondine Packaging

The first colour I tried was a lovely lavender Purple called Purple Rain.

Little Ondine 'Purple Rain' Swatch

Little Ondine ‘Purple Rain’ Swatch

This is three coats with no top coat.  Little Ondine have got a top coat which I must invest in at some point.  I was a tiny bit disappointed that I had to apply three coats, however my nails are quite long at the moment and most people would probably only need two.

The polishes are super fast drying and before I knew it the polish was touch dry, now that is pretty good for nail artists or those on the go, oh and of course kids, who find it hard to sit still while normal polish is dries.

Next up is this pretty pink colour called First Love.

Little Ondine 'First Love' Swatch

Little Ondine ‘First Love’ Swatch

Again this was a three coat polish, and dried super fast.  I am pretty sure my daughters will love these polishes and the colours.

The last polish swatch is of Back to Black.

Little Ondine 'Back to Black' Swatch

Little Ondine ‘Back to Black’ Swatch

Now in contrast to the other two polishes this was a one coater and highly pigmented.  It dried super fast like the other two and I think I may just have found my fave base black polish for nail art….especially as it can be peeled off.

Ok so lets talk about the peel off feature.  When I saw this demonstrated I was conscious to look for any peeling of the nails caused by the polish. I have always experienced peeling nails after using things such as OPI’s glitter off peel off base coat and also some nail wraps, but when I saw the demo at a blogger event it did not seem to peel the nails at all. However that was not the case for me and I did experience some peeling of my nails when peeling the polish off.  Let me point out that I have generally quite dry nails that are prone to peeling, so it may just be my nails.  But I would advise to hydrate your nails as soon as you peel off the polish.

Little Ondine Peel off polish

Little Ondine Peel off polish

I was very impressed with these polishes and think that I will most definitely be purchasing some more colours to add to my collection.  They are perfect for kids and also for those on the go, those allergic to standard polish ingredients and those who like to use natural ingredients in their cosmetics.

As these are so fast drying they are absolutely perfect for nail art and you can see what I created below with the Little Ondine colours.  I had this design on my nails for 3 days before peeling it off and they looked as good as the first day I applied the polish.

Nail Art using Little Ondine Polishes

Nail Art using Little Ondine Polishes

I will post a tutorial for this on my YouTube Channel tomorrow, if I have internet connection as it is a bit dodgy where I am in India.

Little Ondine polishes retail for £8.40 and they often have colours on sale, they are available directly from Little Ondine online.

Thanks for reading xxx

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  1. Hey! Gorgeous nail art 🙂 I have one question for that: how did you clean the nail art brushes? With polish remover after all or is there another trick? I not sure remover works with Little Ondine o.O

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