Candy Coat Gel Polish – Review

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Hi everybody,  today I have a review of some Candy Coat Gel polishes and information about the Candy Coat subscription box.

I was lucky enough to be sent nine beautiful shades to try.  As this was Gel polish I swatched them on a swatch wheel and created my first ever nail art using Gel polish :).

Candy Coat Gel Polishes

Candy Coat Gel Polishes

It was like a sweet box of colour and I was so excited to try them out.  The colours are just divine and I was extremely impressed with the formula which for most polishes was one coat.

Ok so here is how it works, there are three different options:

  1. Subscribe to a monthly box which contains three colours from the Candy Coat Gel polish collection and up to ten items including nail art, accessories, tools and stationary. This can be purchased for £18 with free postage. This box will auto renew.
  2. Buy a one-off box, which gives you the same as detailed above but just for one month and there is a shipping fee of £3.50.
  3. The third option for Nail Techs and Nail polish addicts is the Colour Box which contains 12 colours with a base and top coat for only £30.  That is a bargain, and I think I will be buying some of these to add to the collection.
Candy Coat Base and Top Coat

Candy Coat Base and Top Coat

All the bottles are 8ml in size.  You need to ensure you have a LED or UV lamp to cure the polishes.  Overall I was super impressed with these lovely Gel polishes and would definitely recommend that you check them out if you are a Gel polish fan.  The prices are really good for Gel polish and the quality just as good as some of the top Gel polish brands out there.

I actually created my first ever Gel polish nail art with these gorgeous polishes, which can be seen below.

Rose nail art using Candy Coat Gel Polishes

Rose nail art using Candy Coat Gel Polishes

I stuck with something simple, but found the Gel polishes really easy to work with, so I am sure I will be using them again to create nail art, hope you like it.

Candy Coat subscription boxes and Colour boxes are available directly from the Candy Coat Website, be warned they sell out fast, the march box has already sold out.

Thanks for reading xxx

Press Sample

2 thoughts on “Candy Coat Gel Polish – Review

  1. Hey,

    Lovely review, the nails you did look amazing!

    How long did these last for you? I currently use Gelish and they can last for about 3-4 weeks. Which I love but their colours just don’t compare to Candy Coat’s.

    Also was it easy to get off?

    1. Thanks. I am not 100% sure how long they last as I took them off after 2 weeks, but they were looking pretty good after 2 weeks with no chips. I think it is all about application as to how long they last. They are like any other Gel polish to remove, not easy but no Gel polishes are easy to remove really. The colours are great but I did have some issues with a couple of the colours bubbling after applying them and I thin this was due to the nail polish remover I used having oil in it, so make sure your nails are free from any oil etc before applying. Hope this helps 🙂

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