At home laser hair removal with Tria – Update

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Hi all I wanted to give you an update on how my at home laser hair removal is going. So firstly I want to make sure that everyone is aware that laser hair removal will differ from person to person, and this is just my personal experience. Below I have details session by session so it helps describe what you may experience over time.

Tria x4 hair removal laser

If you want to read more about the Tria 4X hair removal laser please visit my blog post

Ok so my first treatment was a little painful, but I kept the power on 3 so maybe I should have started on a lower power setting.  Anyway it felt like a rubber band was being pinged against my leg.  It did take a while to cover both legs, and I had to re-charge the device after a leg and a half.  Which I expected from other reviews I have seen and from info produced by Tria.

After a few days I did not seem to see much slowing of the hair growth on the legs, but again I know that with this laser you must keep up with the sessions to ensure that it works.

After the second session I noticed a difference, oh and it still hurt 🙂 It took a lot longer to grow back after the second treatment and I noticed some areas where I was not overly hairy had hardly any hair growing at all.  I also noticed that the hair which was growing back was a lot finer.

After my third session I really noticed a difference, I used power 4, which again hurt.  But you know what they say no pain no gain.  And believe me I am now seeing the gain.  It has been 2 weeks since my third treatment and my hair has hardly grown back.  There are a few areas which look like they will grow hair back, but I am not done with the number of sessions Tria suggest for best results.  I have another 3 sessions to go :).

So overall I am extremely pleased with the results.  It does hurt, but not as much as waxing.  It does take some time to see results they are not instant, but I am so happy with what I am seeing after just 3 sessions with the Tria Laser.  Only thing which is a little annoying is the fact you have to recharge and cannot do both legs in one session, so I usually do lower legs and then recharge and do upper legs, it does take a while to charge too.  Hopefully Tria will make the battery life better in any new models they create.

I am looking forward to completing my course, which Tria recommend to be 6 sessions 2 weeks apart from each other.  The Tria Laser can be purchased directly from Tria and I believe it is on sale at the moment.  It is not suitable for all skin tones and hair colours so make sure you read about it first.

I am looking forward to having hair free legs in 2017, what are you all looking forward to?

Thanks for reading xxx

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