SmartPolish One Step Gel Polish – Review

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Hi everybody, I have been meaning to post this review for a while but life got in the way as it usually does for me!!

Anyway I am back with a review of a new to me brand called SmartPolish.  They are a UK based company specialising in a unique all in one Gel Polish that combines the base and top coat within the polish colour itself.

I was really excited to try these new Gel polishes as adding a base and top coat can sometimes make the gel polish look quite thick if not properly applied, which means you really need to take care on application. So the thought of just applying 2 coats of colour, curing with no sticky residue to remove was something that sounded great to me.

SmartPolish One Step Gel Polish

I was sent 13 polishes and also a LED curing lamp which was great to use with the polishes.

SmartPolish One Step Gel Swatches

So the three colours first from the left all look the same in this picture, but I assure you are not and you will be able to see in a close up a bit further down the post. Colours from Left to Right are: Black Velvet, Mysterious Girl, Forrest Fruits, Deep Red, Lady in Red, Tangerine Glow, Dorothy’s Shoes, Baby Pink, Pink Panther, Nude Blush, Mushroom & Gold Digger.

The colours apply really well and set easily with 30 seconds of curing. I have some close up shots below of my fave colours and a close up of the three colours from the left.

SmartPolish Gold Digger Swatch

SmartPolish Dorothy’s Shoes Swatch

SmartPolish Swatches (Top to Bottom Black Velvet, Mysterious Girl, Forrest Fruits)

These Gel polishes are fab and so shiny without the thick layers.  I actually used these do do my friends nails and she was impressed with the quality of the polish and I was impressed with the ease of application.  She reported back to me a week after application saying they looked as good as the day I applied them, so these polishes also have great staying power, which is what you expect from Gel polish.

SmartPolish One Step Gel

I used Baby pink and Gold digger on the accent nail.  I also did a glitter gradient with these polishes on my own nails. I have never done a glitter gradient with gel polishes before and I was really happy with the result, which can be seen below.

Glitter Gradient using SmartPolish one step gel

I used Deep Red and Gold Digger for the Gradient.

SmartPolish polishes are £14.95 each and can be purchased directly from their website.  I noticed they sell other items such as chrome powders, which believe it or not I do not have in my nail art kit, but I may just treat myself to some soon.

Thanks for reading xxx

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