Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji Stamping Plates – Review & Valentines Nail Art

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Hi everybody today I am back with some products from Bundle Monster.  I will be sharing my first impressions of the forthcoming Kawaii Emoji stamping plate set and also the bundle monster No smudge top coat and the Winter Solstice stamping polish set.

So the Kawaii Emoji plates are cuteness overload and I was really happy to be sent these.  They release on the 23rd of February and you can subscribe to the Bundle Monster newsletter for info on new releases.

Bundle Monster Kawaii emoji Stamping plates

These plates are lovely and as with all bundle monster plates, very well made with great designs.  Ok so below you can see the plates a bit closer.

Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji plate – BM XL 321

Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji plate – BM XL 322

Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji plate – BM XL 323

Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji plate – BM XL 324

Bundle Monster Kawaii Emoji plate – BM XL 325

I know I will be getting lots of use from these plates because they are just so cute.  I particularly love the one with polishes designs on it….obviously 🙂

I did some nail art using some of the stamping polishes from the Winter Solstice collection and the new no smudge top coat Bundle monster has recently released.

Bundle Monster Winter Solstice stamping polish

The colours of the stamping polishes are so vibrant and I will most definitely being doing more with these in the future so look out for more blog posts including these stunning colours.

So I am sure you are all wanting to hear about my experience with the top coat, well you can see for yourself below.

Kawaii Emoji Valentines Nail Art

Yay no smudging :).  This top coat gets a thumbs up from me.  There is nothing more annoying than creating beautifully stamped nails to have your top coat ruin it.  My top coat does it and it is sooooooo frustrating.  No need to worry about that anymore.

Kawaii Emoji Valentines Nail Art

I decided to do a matte version as I think details always show up better on matte nails due to there being less glare from the light.  BTW this is my first time ever doing stamping decals, not bad hey :).  I actually used the Bundle Monster Lotus mat to create the decals.

The Kawaii emoji stamping plates, as mentioned before, release on the 23rd of February and I assume they will be the same price as all Bundle monster XL plates.  The Winter Solstice collection is only $18.99 for all 6 polishes which I think is fantastic value for money, and the no smudge top coat is a bargain at $4.25 and is on sale at the moment for $3.40….I have got to stock up on it, it is a must have for any stamping addicts kit.

I hope you like the Emoji Valentines nails I created. Thanks for reading xxx

Press Sample



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