Madam Glam One Step Gel Polish – Review and Swatches

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Hi everybody today I am back with one step gel polishes from Madam Glam.  I have used madam glam products previously so was keen to try out some of their Gel products.

I was sent two colours for review ‘Pink & Holo’ and ‘Jade Vine’.

Madam Glam One Step Gel Polishes

So lets start with Jade Vine, which from the title I thought it was going to be a lot darker than it actually is.

Madam Glam ‘Jade Vine’

This colour is a beautiful shimmery metallic blue with a hint of holo.  It is so pretty and was perfect in two coats.  I love one step Gel polishes and these are no exception.  The pigment and application are fab, and they only took 30 secs to cure under my LED lamp.

Next up is Pink & Holo, and I took a few more pics of this polish, as you can see below.

Madam Glam ‘Pink & Holo’

This polish is sooooo beautiful, and is its title indicates ‘Pink’ and ‘Holo’.  It is packed full of beautiful pink glitters with a scattering of holographic glitters running through.  I really like this polish and it applied as well as the first one.  To show you how beautiful this polish is I took a few more pics than I would normally.

Madam Glam ‘Pink & Holo’

Ok so it may have a tiny bit of a purple hue to it, but that is not the polish, that is my peel off base coat lol.  When I am swatching Gel polishes I do this because I rarely want to keep any polish on my nails for more than a day, and we all know how hard Gel polish is to get off the nails.  This way I just peel it off after I have finished taking pictures.

Madam Glam ‘Pink & Holo’ with flash

Madam Glam ‘Pink & Holo’ Macro shot

‘Pink and Holo’ is just gorgeous!  I was really impressed with the Madam Glam one Step Gel polishes and I will be back with some reviews and pictures of more Madam Glam products soon.  Madam Glam can be purchased directly from their website and their one step Gel polishes retail for $19.95, they have some great special offers on so make sure you subscribe to their newsletter.

Thanks for reading xxx

Press Sample

2 thoughts on “Madam Glam One Step Gel Polish – Review and Swatches

  1. I’m actually all the way in love with Jade Vine. It’s the perfect Cinderella polish! I need it, although I need all Madam Glam polishes, they’re so pretty!
    Vicky x

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