Tria at home Laser Hair Removal – Review & Update

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Hi everybody, today I am doing my final review of the Tria at home hair removal laser. I have done a first impressions review and a follow up review, and this is my final thoughts review on the Tria.

You can find all the technical info about the Tria at home laser hair removal device over on the Tria Website, and also through my initial thoughts post.

Ok so since since my last update I was sent the Smooth start calming gel which really did help to make the pain more bearable, because if you have read my update post you will know this is not a pain free method to hair removal, but it is a very effective one.

So I have now done 8 treatments with the Tria approx 2 weeks between each treatment, sometimes a little more.  The recommended amount is 6 but I found there was still some  hair in places on the legs and so I wanted to do it a few more times.

I can say that the Tria has made a remarkable difference to my legs, and believe it or not I have been hair free on my legs for about 4 weeks now.  There are a few areas where I still have some extremely fine hair growth, but it is really fine.

I was sceptical about the Tria before I first used it, as I have also been getting professional laser removal for my underarms, so I know how well that has worked. I didn’t really believe an at home treatment would be as good. But I was wrong, it has been amazing for me.

I was really really hairy on my legs prior to using the Tria and now I am ready for summer with hair free legs.  It is amazing.  You do have to ensure you regularly use the Tria to see effects, and at first the effects are not very fast, but if you are patient then you will see the benefits.  Also the Tria is a fraction of the price of professional laser hair removal, and you can treat many areas.

Tria Laser Hair removal

Who would have thought this device would work so well, not me, but hey we are all wrong sometimes.  Below I have broken down the pros and cons of at home hair removal with Tria.


  • Much cheaper than in salon treatments.
  • Hand held device.
  • Can be used in the privacy of your own home.
  • Different power levels.
  • Works to remove hair permanently unlike other at home laser treatments.


  • It has to be charged frequently, which means that when doing removal of hair on legs it had to be charged after a period of time to complete the legs.  I would say I needed to charge it after doing one full leg.  The charging also takes quite a while.
  • It does hurt, but this can be helped with the calm start gel and if you are really sensitive I have seen people recommended numbing cream which you can get from the chemist.

So overall I am extremely pleased with my results and plan to do my arms next.  You can purchase the Tria Laser directly from their website.  It retails for £395, but can be purchased currently at a reduced price of £299.  To some this may seem expensive, but when you compare that to the cost of in salon treatment it is a fraction of the price.

Thanks for reading xxx

Press release

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