OH – OrganicHead by Daniel Galvin Jr

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Hi everybody, today I have a first impressions review of the OH! Brunette conditioner from Daniel Galvin Junior. I am obsessed with hair products and use lots of different products to keep my hair in good condition.

OH! Organic Head by Daniel Galvin Jr

Celebrity hair colourist Daniel Galvin Jr has created an Organic Vegan hair care line called OH (OrganicHead). The range was developed by Daniel to fill a big gap in the market for professional quality organic hair care.

The products from the OH! range are filled with amazing natural ingredients including: essential oils, organic aloe vera, orange oil, argan oil and wheat proteins. And when I looked on the conditioner pack the top ingredients is Aloe leaf juice powder….now don’t know about your normal hair care but most of mine has water listed as top ingredients.  So this was surprising.

I have only used the product once today and it smells very fresh and clean, as hair care should, and left my hair feeling lovely and soft.  I will have to use it a few more times to give a full review on the conditioner and how effective it is, but I am looking forward to incorporating it into my hair care regime.

Daniel Galvin Jr OH! Brunette Conditioner

The OH! range can be purchased from Ocado and Boots stores as well as directly from the Daniel Galvin Jr website.  The products retail from £7.00 so are extremely affordable.  I think I will be adding some more of the products from the collection to my hair care regime as I have already heard great reviews about the products.  Keep a look out for my follow up post.

Thanks for reading xxx

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2 thoughts on “OH – OrganicHead by Daniel Galvin Jr

  1. Love trying out new hair products, esp if they smell nice. I always give them a sniff before buying. I’m looking forward to reading your follow up post!
    Vicky x

    1. I am the same, I have used it a few times now so will write a post soon, also I have just re lightened my hair and coloured it pink & red.

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