Bye Bye White Hart Lane

Ok so this is something different to my normal posts.  Last night I realised that today I will say goodbye to a place that has been part of my life since the age of 9, that is the place I learnt the offside rule properly, the place where I had so many joyous and heartbreaking moments, the place that has given me so many memories, that place is White Hart Lane.

For those who don’t know me let me fill you in. I have been a massive football fan since childhood and support the mighty Tottenham Hotspur who are a north London football (soccer) side and are sitting 2nd in the Premiership.  I have a season ticket and also try to get to as many away matches as possible, putting me in the top 1000 fans at the club :).  For those of you who know football will know that is a pretty big thing considering Tottenham have millions of fans.

Football has played a massive part in my life and I did not think I could let this day pass without a mani dedicated to White Hart Lane.  Can you believe I actually have tears in my eyes as I am writing this.

Some may think I am crazy for being upset at the fact a football stadium is being knocked down, but any football fan would understand.  The stadium was first built in 1899 and I have been a regular attendee from about 1989 (90 yrs after it was first built).  It has history, it has meaning and for me it is a place which brings back many many memories.

So as such a new stadium is being built on the site of the old one and work has already started. Tottenham will move to Wembley stadium for a year while the building work is completed, you can see the scale of the new stadium from the picture below.

Spurs Aerial View (Picture credit: Evening standard online)

For those not aware Tottenham are called the Lily Whites and the kit is White and Blue, so I decided to created an angular mani using the colours white and Blue. (Essie Blanc (White) and Essie After School Boy Blazer (Navy Blue))

I did not have much time last night so I decided to create something Classy & Chic, a bit like the Tottenham football team lol.

Mani Dedicated to White Hart Lane using Essie polishes

As you can see it is a super simple mani and it has been a while since I used nail stencils and a dotting tool, as you can probably tell :).

Mani Dedicated to White Hart Lane using Essie polishes

So there we have it, a mani dedicated to the amazing White Hart Lane, may the new stadium bring us all the success we deserve.  COYS (Come on you spurs).

Thanks for reading xxx

One thought on “Bye Bye White Hart Lane

  1. Not a football fan myself, however I also get attached to buildings & it’s always sad to see them broken down and replaced.
    I’m sure the new stadium will be just what your team needs! Oh and I love the mani!!
    Vicky x

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