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Hi everybody, today I am back with some nail care items from Probelle.  After last nights events in London I was considering not posting at all, but that would mean I was letting it stop me from doing my everyday routine, and that is not what any of us should do.  Anyway this is a nail post so moving on swiftly.

I was sent four items from the nail care line from Probelle.  I have reviewed some of their polishes previously and you can find that post here. So I am generally quite lucky with the health of my nails and they don’t usually need help in growing or strengthening, but I do suffer from ridges and dry cuticles, so I was looking forward to trying the Ridge filling base coat and cuticle complex.

Probelle Beauty Nail Care

Each of the products come in a cardboard box with info on each of the items on the back.  The bottles are simple, and the brushes are very good, giving great application over the nails.

Probelle Beauty Nail Care

Let’s start with the hydrating base coat.  I do sometimes suffer from peeling nails, usually if I have been exposing naked nails to water, which I don’t do often :).  I have used the base coat about 4 times and case say it is a very good base coat and did help keep my natural nails hydrated and in good condition.

Probelle Hydrating Base Coat

The base coat contains Keratin and Vitamin E which we all know are good for keeping nails in good condition.  I also think that the Probelle products are very reasonably priced, which you can find details of at the end of the post.

Next up is the Ridge filler/Base coat.  I absolutely love this product.  I suffer badly from ridges and some base coats do nothing to fill them.  This one however was fabulous and gave a beautiful finish to my bare nails. It filled all my ridges leaving my nails feeling smooth.

Probelle Ridge Filler

Natural nails using Probelle Ridge Filler

Next up is the UV self seal top coat, which I was excited to try.  I will update this post as I have had this top coat on my current mani for 2 days and want to give you an update in a few more days.

Probelle Self Seal UV Top coat

So there is no need to cure this top coat and it claims to use the UV light from the sun to help to keep your manicure looking fresher for longer.  I will update this post in a few days and let you know what I think.

Last up its the Botanical Cuticle Complex.  I must keep my cuticles well moisturised to ensure they don’t split and grow out of control, so I am always using cuticle balms, creams, oils etc.  This Cuticle complex contains Kukui Nut butter, which is known for its moisturising properties.

Probelle Botanical Cuticle Complex

I have been using this for about 2 weeks now and can say it really does the trick.  It is like most cuticle oils in that it seems oily at first but absorbs very quickly into the skin.  I was surprised that there was no scent to this cuticle oil, I quite like a subtle scent once in a while.  But I know many people prefer scent free products and this is certainly scent free.

Natural Nails using Probelle Cuticle Complex

I really think that the Probelle line of Nail Care is extremely great value and the products do what they say they are going to.  The items in this post range from $8.50-$10.00, which is extremely affordable and I have used much more expensive products in the past that were not as good as these.

Probelle nail care can be purchased directly from their website, they also do a range of nail hardeners for those who need help in keeping nails strong.  I will be back soon with nail art.

Thanks for reading xxx

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  1. Ooh these products sound amazing and at such a great price too. Your nails are always stunning though hun, mine don’t flake or peel much but I am prone to breaks, they could be harder!
    Vicky x

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