Edge Nails Annika Nail Polish – Review/Swatches/Nail Art

Hi everybody, it has been a while since I did a blog post and any pictures of nails.  It has been a busy few weeks with kids being ill and mum being away in India, so my time is spent rushing around to do the school run in between taking meetings lol.  The joys of being a full time working mum 🙂

Ok so today I am back with a new to me brand called The Edge nails.  They have a variety of nail supplies on their site and I was pleased to be sent some of their polishes and their chrome powder, I have not used the chrome powder but will soon.

Edge Nails Annika Nail Polish

I was sent three polishes in shades (from L-R) ‘Shadow Grey’, ‘Mint Dream’ and ‘Bella Ballerina’.

First up is ‘Shadow Grey’.

Annika Nail Colour in Shadow Grey

This is such a gorgeous grey creme polish, which was perfect in 2 coats.  This swatch is without top coat so you can see just how shiny the polish is.  This grey is a great alternative to nude nails and I think it would make a great base for nail art.

Next up is Mint Dream.

Annika Nail Colour in Mint Dream

Absolutely in love with the creme that is Mint Dream, that rhymes lol :). This polish is superb it applies well and is a gorgeous mint shade. My camera had a hard time picking up this colour, and it is slighter deeper toned to look at in person, but it is just gorgeous.  It applied perfectly in 2 coats and again this is with no top coat.

Last but not least is Bella Ballerina.

Annika Nail Colour in Bella Ballerina

As you can see this is a sheer pink french mani colour.  I love it and it applied perfectly in 2 coats.  Believe it or not before starting nail art the only thing I ever did on my nails was french manicures, so this shade gave me a bit of nostalgia.  It is the perfect base for a glitter gradient 🙂  And guess what I did as nail art with this polish….yep a glitter gradient lol

All the three polishes applied well the lid of the polishes comes off like the Dior polishes and I quite like that.  The brush is fantastic and really helped to apply the polish perfectly.  Overall I was extremely impressed with the polishes.

I created two nail art designs using these polishes as you can see below.

Dry Brush Nail Art

I love the dry brush method, such an easy way to create abstract nail art.  I used ‘Mint Dream’ and ‘Shadow Grey’ along with picture polish ‘Bright White’.  I had this mani on my nails for ages and I can say the staying power of this polish is fantastic and it lasted a whole week with no chips!!!

Glitter Gradient

Its been a while 🙂 Those of you who have been following me for a while will know I love glitter gradients and used to have a bit of a reputation for being a self confessed glitter gradient addict ha ha.  I used ‘Bella Ballerina’ along with the gorgeous glitter polish from China Glaze called ‘Moonlight the Night’.  Gahhhhhh I love glitter, p.s. this glitter polish is only £2.95 atm from Nail Polish Direct.

Glitter Gradient using China Glaze ‘Moonlight the Night’

I really like the Annika Nail Colour from The Edge nails and I will also be reviewing their chrome powder in the near future.  Polishes can be purchased directly from The Edge Nails Website and is priced at £4.20 each, which is a bargain.

Thanks for reading xxx


4 thoughts on “Edge Nails Annika Nail Polish – Review/Swatches/Nail Art

  1. Love these swatches Atima, I’m a massive fan of the Annika range and love the colours you have here. Also how perfect is your glitter gradient! It’s stunning.
    Vicky x

    1. Aww thank you so much Vicky. I really love the formula of the Annika polishes and they lasted for ages without chipping.

  2. I like glitters but I rarely use them in summer. Glitter nail art is my first choice for winter (red on black, gold on red, silver on black, blue on white). However, blue glitters on white base may also represent water so it could be great choice for beach. Another interesting look is to apply glitters from cuticles fading out towards middle of a nail.

    1. I love glitter gradients of all sorts, I have done many on my instagram, and ones which come from cuticle up towards tip of nail. I think glitter can be worm any time of the year, but it does look great in the festive season xxx

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