Meebox Born This Way August Box – Reviews/Swatches/Nail Art

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Hi everybody, today I am back with some more products from Meebox, the best nail box around in my opinion.

Meebox were celebrating their 2nd Birthday in August so I was excited to see what goodies were in store.

Meebox August 2017

The box contained 3 polishes, some nail art decals and a nail polish remover.

I used the grape escape remover to take of my last mani and it was very effective and also smelt lovely on the nails after, but smelt very much like polish remover in the bottle.

I did not have a great experience with the water decals, and it was quite frustrating.  I wasted many of them as they seemed to stick to itself when being taken off the backing.  I also found they smudged which you will be able to see later in some nail art I created.  I was not the only one who found these decals hard to work with and I had another Nail artist tell me they had the same experience.  Not sure if they were  a bad batch, but I don’t think they will be on my list to buy anytime soon.

Ok on to the polishes.

True Brit ‘Etiquette’

This polish called Etiquette from True Brit is sooooo gorgeous. The pictures do not do it justice and I have a few of them :). It is a lovely pearl shimmer with a purple/pink colour shift.  It was not one of the easiest polishes to apply, but pearl finishes never are, and if you look close enough you can see some streaks.  I think this is a perfect polish and I will most def be using it again.  Lots of pictures of this one below.

True Brit ‘Etiquette’ In direct sunlight

Gahhhh so gorgeous.

True Brit ‘Etiquette’ with flash

True Brit ‘Etiquette’ Natural light

Isn’t it beautiful, shame the same cannot be said about the nail art I created with it.  I used the decals that came in the box, and regretted it.

Unicorn & Crystal nail art

Hmmm not my finest work, which was not helped by the not so great decals.

Up next is the Color Club polish in Shade Pure Energy.

Color Club ‘Pure Energy’

This is such a beautiful shade, and as blue is my fave colour I am always happy to add another blue to my collection of ever increasing polish.  This picture is not fully colour correct and my camera had a really had time picking up the true colour.  This is a stunning colour and this is three coats with top coat.

Nal Art using Sonailicious boutique nail stickers

I used some gorgeous nail art stickers from The Sonailicious Boutique, they apply so well and I highly recommend them.  These are the ‘Mediterrenean Summer’ stickers and can be purchased directly from The Sonailicious boutique.

Nal Art using Sonailicious boutique nail stickers

I decided to mattify the design and I really like how it looks. These are such fab nail stickers and you can create some flawless nail art within them in minutes.

Last but certainly not least is the ‘Ard as nails polish in shade I Iove you Hunny Bunny.

‘Ard as Nails ‘I love you hunny bunny’

Hello Holo, this colour though….it is stunning and you can clearly see the holo within. I don’t think I need to say much more about this polish as its beauty speaks for itself.

‘Ard as Nails ‘I love you hunny bunny’

This polish applied perfectly in 2 coats and I am super pleased to welcome it to my holo polish family.  I think me needs to get me some more polishes from ‘Ard as nails as this is my first.

I used the True Brit polish and the ‘Ard as nails polish as well as more nail stickers from The sonailicious boutique for the nail art below.

Nal Art using Sonailicious boutique Geo Aztec nail stickers

Nal Art using Sonailicious boutique Geo Aztec nail stickers

Meebox subscription is priced at £20 per month or a 3 month subscription is £54, I think it is great value and the polishes are always fab.

Thanks of reading xxx

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