Prism Polish Spring 2018 Collection – Swatches & Nail Art

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Hi everybody, today I am back with lots of pictures (39 to be exact) of the new Prism Polish ‘Its Spring’ collection for Spring 2018. Considering it is freezing cold here in the UK it is nice to dream of sunnier weather with this collection. I would say this collection has something for everyone and will be launching online tomorrow.

I was lucky enough to be sent all seven of the polishes in the collection.

Prism Polish ‘It’s Spring Collection’ 2018

The collection is full of different finishes and lots to catch the eye. As well as the seven polishes I was also sent two mini polishes with a gloss and matte top coat, so cute.

So seven polishes take me a while to swatch and I always like to get lots of pictures of each one so I can try and capture all the beauty of the polish, and this collection is no exception.  This is an extremely picture heavy post and did think about breaking it up into two blog posts but decided not to.

Right so here goes, lets start with ‘Dusty Bluebells’.

Prism Polish ‘Dusty Bluebells’ Bottle shot

This polish is an absolute beauty.  This light cornflower blue has red/gold/green shifting micro flakies/shimmer and I hope the below pics show you the subtle beauty of this gorgeous polish which is perfect for spring.  This is three coats with top coat. This polish is going to be the charity polish of the month with £1 from the sale of every bottle going to the Woodland Trust.

Prism Polish ‘Dusty Bluebells’

Prism Polish ‘Dusty Bluebells’

Prism Polish ‘Dusty Bluebells’ (Direct Sunlight)

Prism Polish ‘Dusty Bluebells’ (Macro Shot)

Ok so lets move on to ‘Heathland Mist’

Prism Polish ‘Heathland Mist’ Bottle shot

This pretty pastel lilac has blue/violet shifting micro flakies/shimmer.  Again a subtle beauty perfect for spring.  This is also three coats with top coat, which is pretty standard for pastels.

Prism Polish ‘Heathland Mist’

Prism Polish ‘Heathland Mist’

Prism Polish ‘Heathland Mist’

Prism Polish ‘Heathland Mist’ (Macro Shot)

Ok next up is ‘Speckled Egg’.

Prism Polish ‘Speckled Egg’ Bottle shot

This stunning pastel green has a subtle green shimmer and is packed full of green/purple shifting flakies. This is a perfect polish for Easter, hence the name and it is probably one of my fave from the collection.  It applied like a dream and I only needed 2 coats for full coverage.

Prism Polish ‘Speckled Egg’

Gahhh isn’t it stunning, I also applied the matte top coat I was sent to see what it would look like and it was just as beautiful as the gloss effect.

Prism Polish ‘Speckled Egg’ with matte top coat

Prism Polish ‘Speckled Egg’ (Macro Shot)

Ok so the next polish is ‘Wood Anenome’.

Prism Polish ‘Wood Anenome’ Bottle Shot

This gorgeous pastel nude with a pink tone is packed full of delicate shimmer and blue/purple colour shifting flakies, another perfect spring nail polish.  I applied three coats of this polish and it was such a gorgeous finish.  It could be applied more sheer for a different finish.

Prism Polish ‘Wood Anenome’

I decided to mattify this polish too.

Prism Polish ‘Wood Anenome’ with matte top coat

Prism Polish ‘Wood Anenome’ (Macro Shot)

Ok next in line is ‘Sun Glitter’.

Prism Polish ‘Sun Glitter’ Bottle Shot

Well this is a stunning glitter polish, and ‘Sun Glitter’ is a perfect name for this.  As the song goes ‘its beautiful like diamonds in the sky’.  Seriously I love this glitter and if you know me you know I thought ‘Glitter Gradient’ as soon as I saw this lol.  It is packed full of turquoise holo glitter with green/blue/purple shifting shimmer & purple/green shifting micro glitters.

Prism Polish ‘Sun Glitter’

Prism Polish ‘Sun Glitter’

Prism Polish ‘Sun Glitter’ (Direct Sunlight)

Prism Polish ‘Sun Glitter’ (Direct Sunlight)

The sixth polish in the collection is ‘Spring Equinox’.

Prism Polish ‘Spring Equinox’ Bottle Shot

This polish, well I don’t really need to even say anything do I, just look at it.  It is beautiful and absolutely perfect.  I am in love with this stunning royal blue which is packed full of green/blue/gold colour shifting micro flakies and shimmer.  This is two coats with top coat.

Prism Polish ‘Spring Equinox’

It is just as gorgeous with a matte top coat, as you can see below.

Prism Polish ‘Spring Equinox’ with matte top coat

Prism Polish ‘Spring Equinox’ (Macro Shot)

Ok last but certainly not least is ‘Cosmic Confetti’

Prism Polish ‘Cosmic Confetti’ Bottle Shot

This stunner is in honour of the creator of Prism polish as her birthday is at the end of March and I am told it contains all the things she loves most in a polish.  It is a super glossy holo multi chrome.  It is so pretty and looks different every time you look at it.

Prism Polish ‘Cosmic Confetti’

Prism Polish ‘Cosmic Confetti’

Prism Polish ‘Cosmic Confetti’ (In direct sunlight)

Prism Polish ‘Cosmic Confetti’

I had to add a matte top coat to this one too just, well why not.

Prism Polish ‘Cosmic Confetti’ with matte top coat

I created a couple of nail art designs using some of the polishes and as I mentioned before I had to do a glitter gradient with ‘Sun Glitter’.  Hope you like them as much as I do.

Glitter Gradient using prism polish ‘Dusty Bluebells’ and ‘Sun Glitter’

I do love my glitter gradients.

Glitter Gradient using prism polish ‘Dusty Bluebells’ and ‘Sun Glitter’ (Macro Shot)

I also created some simple spring ready nail art using ‘Heathland Mist’, real flowers are always a perfect way to jazz up a mani.

Real flower nail art using Prism polish ‘Heathland Mist’

Real flower nail art using Prism polish ‘Heathland Mist’

Well what can I say but this is an absolutely amazing collection.  It truly has something for everyone.  This UK indie artisan polish brand is certainly one to keep an eye out for and I am massively impressed with the quality of the polishes and the beautifully curated colours.  All the polishes applied like a dream and one thing I noticed was that even the sheer ones did not really streak at all, these are much much better than any other pastels I have tried.

This collection will be available tomorrow online from the Prism Polish Website, and I am sure it won’t last long, so get your hands on the ones you like quick before they disappear.

Thanks for reading, I will be back with more spring collections soon xxx

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