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So here goes, my full name is Atima Bhatnagar and I am a 37 year old mum of identical twin girls. I live in the UK in the suburbs of London. I work full time in IT, yes I’m a geek at heart lol. Here is a picture of me and my girls.

Me and my baby girls

Me and my baby girls

I’ve always had a passion for Art and studied Art before doing an IT degree. Since having the girls I have found it hard to get any time to concentrate on Art. But I joined instagram and that was it really. A year and half ago I was searching fashion pages on instagram and saw all these amazing pictures of nails. I didn’t even realise how big nail art was until I joined instagram.

I have always been lucky to be blessed with nails that just grow long and strong, and have always kept my nails quite simple. Until I started nail art 🙂 I can say I am totally obsessed with nail art and all kinds of art, and have a real ambition to make this more than just a hobby.

Join me on my journey and lets see where it takes us xxx Atima xxx

Here is a better picture of me 🙂

Me with my gradient hair, I love changing the colour of my hair often.

Me with my gradient hair, I love changing the colour of my hair often.

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  1. Hi I’m jeniffer and I am a mother of two. Ivebalways been a responsible person. I graduated high school with honours. Afterbi went to college but before I can finish my first semester I dropped out and took on a full time job. The reason for that is because I decided to take full guardianship of my two younger sisters. At the time one was 12 years old and the other was 4. My boyfriend stuck by me and helped me raise my sister’s. We took on full time jobs and became parents sooner than expected. 2 years later we married. 1 year after that I had my daughter on father’s day. 4 years after that I had my son on July 4th 2013. I’m blessed and If I could go back I’d make the same decision over again. 🙂

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