My First ever Blog Post

Hi everybody
So Here goes, my first ever blog post eeekkkk… I finally got my act together and sorted out a blog. Firstly let me thank you for visiting my blog. I really have no clue what I am doing at the moment so please bear with me.
So for my first post I decided to show you all just how much I have improved in 7 months (I only started nail art 7 months ago).
Below are pictures of my first ever gradient nails and then followed by a picture of my most recent gradient nails. I am sure you can see a massive improvement, because I can.
Please take a look at the about me section (don’t laugh at the picture of me). I will start blogging properly soon, so get ready for lots of tutorials, reviews and swatches. Feel free to post requests in the comments section, this will be so much easier for me to follow than requests on Instagram 🙂
1st attempt at gradient nails

Polishes used; BarryM Blue Moon, Essie Where’s My Chauffer, Ciate Headliner and Barry M Watermelon.

Latest gradient nailsPolishes used; Essie First timer, In the Cab-ana and Avenue Maintain

Thanks again.  Have a great weekend.

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