Day 2 – Orange Nails

So for day 2 I decided to do something I have seen a few times and that’s Rose outline nails.  I don’t think these are as good as some I have done before, but I liked the effect. I used three different polishes for this design; The white base is probably my new most favourite White by Sinful Colours called Snow me white.  Me and white nail polish have a love hate relationship, its so hard to get it looking perfect without applying 3 coats and I hate that sometimes it still looks streaky.  Right rant over.  This is three coats of snow me white with Zoya Thandie for the nails with bows and I used Zoya Amy for the roses. Amy is a lovely shimmery orange colour from the summer 2013 collections by Zoya.

Day 2 Orange nails; Sinful Colours Snow me white, Zoya Thandie & Amy.

The bows are from a multi buy nail gem wheel pack from China.  There are loads of things like this on ebay.

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