Review – TLL Naked Ladies Collection

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So I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely polishes from The Lacquer Lab Beauty, a new British Indie polish brand. So first on the review list are three lovely nudes from the Naked Ladies collection.

So I decided to do some plain swatches which is completely foreign to me as I am not a seasoned Swatcher, I’m much more into nail art, but these looked so good in the bottle I wanted to see the colours in their pure form. Nail art using these polishes will follow over the coming weeks.

So first up is Kleopatra, its a lovely milky chocolate nude (as described on the lacquer lab website). It  certainly meets up to its description as you can see in the picture below.  I think this tone would suit most skin tones, and is very easy on the eye. I have taken indoor shots as well as my normal outdoor shots so you can get an idea of colour.

Kelopatra (Naked Ladies)

Kelopatra 2 coats (Naked Ladies) Natural lighting

Kleopatra (Naked Ladies) Indoor lighting

Kleopatra 2 coats (Naked Ladies) Indoor lighting

The second polish I had the pleasure of trying was a lovely pink nude called Pamela, btw these polishes are all named after famous naked ladies, I think that’s quite cool for a nude collection :), very clever.

Pamela is described as a luxe-creme lacquer with orgasmic, pink-flushed hue.  Well I don’t know about descriptions of colours but this pink nude is simply beautiful as you can see below.

Pamela (Naked Ladies) Outdoor lighting

Pamela 2 coats (Naked Ladies) Outdoor lighting

Pamela (Naked Ladies) Indoor Lighting

Pamela 2 coats (Naked Ladies) Indoor Lighting

And last but not least there is Dita a beautiful traditional nude with a hint of a rosy peach colour, which I really couldn’t pick up properly with these pictures.  Its the type of colour that can go with anything.

Dita (Naked Ladies) Outdoor lighting

Dita 3 coats (Naked Ladies) Outdoor lighting

Dita (Naked Ladies) Indoor lighting

Dita 3 coats (Naked Ladies) Indoor lighting

These are just three from the collection of Six naked ladies and after having tried the Zoya Neutrel collection may I just say this gives it a run for its money, in fact I would go as far as to say I prefer the application of these polishes to the Zoya Neutrels and I love the variation in tones, with something to suit all skin tones.  For more info and lots more lovely lacquer to choose from head over to

Press Sample

4 thoughts on “Review – TLL Naked Ladies Collection

  1. Hey – I follow you on instagram and popped over to your site! It is wonderful, I love these pictures. I always appreciate when a blogger takes photos outside when they feel like the indoor shots are not enough. I love these polishes. I wonder if I can buy them in US.

    • Oh gosh I don’t know how I missed this comment. I try to take pictures in doors and out side for all of my swatches if I can, but it is not always easy being a full time working mum of twins, thanks for taking the time to comment.

  2. The pictures in both indoor and outdoor lighting really give a more realistic perception of the polish color and how it looks on your nails 🙂

    • Yes agreed, I think outdoor lighting gives a better colour accuracy but it shows people how different polishes can look in doors and out doors xx

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