NB Lacquer – Review

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So I was sent 4 polishes for review by nb lacquer.

NB Lacquer polishes

NB Lacquer polishes

From right to left Bubble gum, Spring Poppy, Lily and Antique Blue.  I have had the pleasure of reviewing polishes for NB Lacquer before and find them to have a very good formula, especially for the glitter polishes. So first up is a lovely pink colour that is best described by its name of  ‘Bubble Gum’.  This was perfect in 2 coats.  However I was a little disappointed that it stained my nails when taking it off, so I wold recommend putting 2 layers of base coat or a layer of white under it to try and stop it staining the nails.  Apart from this it is an absolutely fantastic colour.  Both the below pictures were taken in indoor lighting.

Sugar Spun using Bubble Gum by NB Lacquer.

Sugar Spun using Bubble Gum by NB Lacquer.

I used it to do a sugar spun technique and the polish was great for this.  There is a tutorial for this on my instagram page if you haven’t already seen it.  I also changed the accent finger and did another Mani using the same base colour which is below, I call them drippy ice cream nails lol

Ice cream drip nails using Bubble Gum by NB Lacquer.

Ice cream drip nails using Bubble Gum by NB Lacquer.

The second polish I tried out was ‘Lily’ which is such a sweet pastel Lilac colour and no issues with staining the nails at all. It’s another great formula and applies really easily.  I did some stamping using plate W03 from Winstonia store and I also used their squidgy double ended stamper from their online store as I find that the best one for stamping.

Lilac safari nails

Lilac safari nails using ‘Lily’ by NB Lacquer.

The third polish I tried was called ‘Spring Poppy’ which I did a poppy design for, and again there is a tutorial on my instagram page for how I did this.  It is a lovely subtle nude peach glitter polish packed with pretty pastel glitters.  Its very work appropriate, and came off easier than most glitter poslishes do.

Poppy nails using 'Spring Poppy' by NB Lacquer

Poppy nails using ‘Spring Poppy’ by NB Lacquer

Last but not least was another glitter polish that I loved.  It has a duck egg blue colour and is called ‘Antique blue’.  It is scattered full of silver glitters that make it look so classy.  I added some stamped peacock feathers to it with Mo-You London Stamping plate Pro collection XL plate 05.

Stamped peacock feathers on top of 'Antique Blue' by NB Lacquer.

Stamped peacock feathers on top of ‘Antique Blue’ by NB Lacquer.

All in all this is a lovely little spring lacquer line and could fit into any polish addicts collection 🙂

Press Sample

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