The Lacquer lab Glitter Gradient Tutorial

So as you are all know I am in love with every polish I own from the Lacquer Lab Beauty and have been very fortunate to be able to swatch for them from the start of their polish making journey.

My Glitter gradients are always popular so when I received the Dream Coats collection to swatch I was in glitter gradient heaven. The tutorial below shows you how to recreate the ‘Dita’ and ‘Diamantes & Disco mani I did a few weeks back. Nudes and glitter go so well together so it was the perfect combo of polishes, ‘Diamantes & Disco’ is so full of glitter that I didn’t even have to use a smaller hex glitter underneath like I usually do for my gradients.

Polishes used: Dita,  diamantés and disco and Seche Vite top coat.

'Dita' and 'Diamantes & Disco' by TLL

‘Dita’ and ‘Diamantes & Disco’ by TLL

Check out the video below of how I created the gradient.

Music : Destiny’s Child – ‘Bug a Boo’
1. Paint 2 coats of Dita as base colour. Wait for this to be touch dry.
2. Use polish brush to apply glitter to tips and spread downwards to create a gradient effect.
3. Use an orange stick or toothpick to pick up individual pieces of glitter polish and place on the areas required to fill in any gaps.
4. Apply top coat and voila Glitter bomb nails ready for any night out.
Glitter gradient

TLL Glitter Gradient

Feel free to leave any questions if you have them.  Happy Wednesday all xxx

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