UNT Nail polish Review from LiveLovePolish

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Firstly sorry for the lack of posts recently, I have been busy getting my YouTube channel up and running, then my daugthers were ill and then I was ill 🙂 Ahhh the joys of being a mum.

So today I have a review of UNT polishes.  These were sent to me from a new nail boutique called Live Love Polish. They have a large selection of brands and are definately worth checking out with international delivery too.  You can use discount code; LiveLoveNemo to get 10 % off your order until the 4th of October 🙂

So I have never heard of UNT polishes and wanted to try them out.  I chose ‘Tidbits untold’ from the ‘Nutty Love Chronicles Collection’ and ‘Taupe of the World’ from the ‘Élie Ledoux Collection’.  They are both perfect Autumn/Winter colours.

UNT nail polish ‘Tidbits untold’ from LiveLovePolish

UNT Nail Polish 'Taupe of the World' from LiveLovePolish

UNT Nail Polish ‘Taupe of the World’ from LiveLovePolish

I captured some swacthes in outdoor sunlight and indoors under a white light so you can see the difference.  The Polish has a great consistancy and is perfect in 2 coats, the brush is wide and so helped me to get perfect finish in less stokes than a thinner brush 🙂  Overall I was very happy with these polishes and would definately love to try some more from this brand.

Tidbits Untold Swatch

UNT Polish 'Tidbits Untold' (In sunlight)

UNT Polish ‘Tidbits Untold’ (In sunlight)

UNT Polish 'Tidbits Untold' (Under White light)

UNT Polish ‘Tidbits Untold’ (Under White light)

I really love his deep pink colour, I’m not a big pink fan but I think I can make an exception for this scrummy looking deep pink colout which really does apply like a dream.

Taupe of the World Swatch

UNT Polish 'Taupe of the World' (In sunlight)

UNT Polish ‘Taupe of the World’ (In sunlight)

UNT Polish 'Taupe of the World' (Under white light)

UNT Polish ‘Taupe of the World’ (Under white light)

I found it a little hard to pick up a fully colour accurate picture of ‘Taupe of the World’ but the outdoor sunlight shoot is more true to colour than the indoor lighting shot. Either way it’s a great colour.

I even did some nail art with the 2 polishes which can be seen below.  I will be posting a YouTube tutorial so keep a look out.

Dont forget you can get 10% off your order from LiveLovePolish until the 4th of Oct using code LiveLoveNemo.

Leopard Print Nails

As I mentioned I will be posting a Youtube tutorial of these, so don forget to subscribe.  For the black bits I used a nail art striper/pen from Simply Spolied beauty.  You can get 40% off your order from them if you use the code NBN at checkout.

Thanks for reading xx

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