Rococo Nail Polish Review

Ok ok yes I know it’s been a while and my New Years resolution is to blog more.  I was planning a lot more blog posts last year, but work got busy and so did life as a twin mummy and it just wasn’t possible. But I am most definitely going to be blogging more and also concentrating on my YouTube Channel Nemos Nail and Beauty.

I have been fighting with lighting for a long while and been wanting to use a better camera than a iPhone for my photography so these are the first pics on my blog using my DSLR and ring lighting. I am no expert at the moment and tbh I feel way more comfortable using my iPhone and I seem to get better shots, but I suppose it will just take time for me to get all my settings right, I am far from Happy with the pics in this review, but they will have to do for the moment 🙂

Ok so lets get to reviewing.  It has been a while since I last did swatches and so I wanted to start Swatching more for you all, don’t worry there will still be nail art 🙂 But this is a Swatch only post, so if your looking for nail art you are in the wrong place.

So I have seen Rococo Nail polishes used around the nail art community but did not know very much about them.  I recently saw they were one sale at Space NK and a polish which is reduced from £12 to £3 is more than an invitation for me to try it.

I love Space NK they have so many items and brands you just don’t find elsewhere, and are always having great deals I also purchased the Laura Mercier Into the Wild look book collection for half it’s normal price (sold out at Space NK now) and Lip Stick Queen Liquid Assests set, I will be reviewing these on the blog soon.

So Firstly can I just say I love the packaging and I am a sucker for pretty packaging so Rococo got a thumbs up from me there.

Rococo Nail Polish box

Rococo Nail Polish box

Rococo Nail Polish in Box

Rococo Nail Polish bottles

I love nude polishes they are always a great base for nail art so I chose 3 colours from their Nude collection and one metallic colour.

Rococo Nail Polish bottles

Rococo Nail Polish bottles

One thing I really like about this brand is that each polish is given a type, so Metallic, Creme, Sheer gloss etc, so you know exactly what you are getting and no guess work or disappointment when it takes 4 coats to get a sheer polish opaque 🙂

Starting with the Lab Nude 1.0 which is a Sheer Gloss, most suitable for French Manicures.

Rococo Nude 1.0 Sheer Gloss Swatch

Rococo Lab Nude 1.0 Sheer Gloss Swatch

This actually only took 3 coats to get opaque unlike many other sheer polishes and applied very evenly, so I was impressed.

Next up is the lighter of the 2 other Lab nudes in shade 8.8.  I always hate it when polish makers don’t have funky names for polishes and I would be happy to help them out if they need any names lol

Rococo Lab Nude 8.8 Creme Swatch

Rococo Lab Nude 8.8 Creme Swatch

I really love nudes and this was perfect in 2 coats which is pretty impressive for a nude polish.

The darker of the 2 nudes 9.0 is almost a Khaki like colour which is lovely in a  nude polish.

Rococo Lab Nude 9 Creme Swatch

Rococo Lab Nude 9 Creme Swatch

Can you believe this is just one coat, eeeekkkkk I’m so in love with the formula of their polishes they are fantastic.

Last but certainly not least of the posies, which I think is probably my fave from the 4 I bought is Radioactive from their metallics collection.

Rococo Radioactive Metallic Swatch

Rococo Radioactive Metallic Swatch

It really is a very pretty green metallic polish and has a duo chrome effect as you can see the 2 varying greens in the 2 different swatches.  This is perfect in 2 coats.

Rococo Radioactive Metallic Swatch

Rococo Radioactive Metallic Swatch

Overall I am soooooo impressed with the Rococo polishes, their application the colour pay off, the packaging, and most of all I got it all for just £3 per bottle.  I have just out another order in with Space NK for all the shades that are on sale, its a bargain go snap some up while they are still available 🙂

Thanks for reading xxx

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