Louboutin Nail Polish Review – Noirs

Here I am again feeling like a little girl using these rather amazing looking Louboutin polishes.  I have actually had these for a while but just not had a chance to really appreciate them and use them 🙂

As most polish borders/addicts will know you can go months before using a polish and I am sure some of us are guilty of never having used a polish we have bought, I know I am. Anyway lets get to business, and what a serious business it is when dealing with such works of art.

The two polishes I will be sharing with you are from the Noirs collection of polishes, so basically dark polishes 🙂 There are a few places you can purchase Louboutin polishes: Selfridges – for those in the UK, Sephora – for those in the US and direct from Louboutin themselves.

Lady Twist and Lady Page are probably two of their most popular colours at the moment and sold out in a lot of places, but just keep a look out for when they get them back in stock. If you have been following my blog for a while you will know I am already a fan of Louboutin polishes and did a full review of Rouge Louboutin a few months ago. The formula is excellent and these were perfect in 2 coats.  The brushes seem to pick up the prefect amount of polish for my nails so I find there is minimal clean up needed and it applies evenly.

The bottles are just as extravagant as Rouge Louboutin however they are slightly smaller, as you can see in the picture below.

Louboutin Nail Polish Bottle comparision

Louboutin Nail Polish Bottle comparison

Each of the different colour collections have different cap colours, so the Noirs is a dark gun metal colour, while the nudes are a more rose gold and the pops had a silver cap.

I cannot say that either of these are my faves because I love them both and you will see why below. First up is Lady Page.  A stunning deep aubergine colour that is dark and mysterious.

Louboutin Nail Polish Swatch - Lady Page

Louboutin Nail Polish Swatch – Lady Page

Gahhhh isn’t it beautiful, it’s so lush I love this colour.

Louboutin Nail Polish Swatch - Lady Page

Louboutin Nail Polish Swatch – Lady Page

Even though I love blue and thought I would prefer Lady twist, I love this colour and it is so perfect for winter.  I’m a dark polish kinda girl.

Lady Twist is a deep dark blue like what I imagine the depths of the ocean to look like.

Louboutin Nail polish Swatch - Lady Twist

Louboutin Nail polish Swatch – Lady Twist

Isn’t it beautiful, I seriously cannot fault these polishes, all the swatch pictures are taken without top coat 🙂

Louboutin Nail Polish Swatch - Lady Twist

Louboutin Nail Polish Swatch – Lady Twist

So there you have it, two absolutely stunning colours, are they worth the £36/$50 price tag??? I think so, but hey I am a sucker for premium beauty.  I will be swatching more of the Louboutin Polishes (2 from le pops and 2 from Le nudes)in the near future so keep a look out.

I decided to do some nail art on top of Lady Twist using some metallic acrylic paints.  I wasn’t really sure what I was aiming for but I quite like how they ended up.  So here are some abstract flowers on top of Lady Page.  Hope you like them.

Abstract Flower Nail Art

Abstract Flower Nail Art

Abstract Flower Nail Art with Louboutin's Lady Page as base colour.

Abstract Flower Nail Art with Louboutin’s Lady Page as base colour.

As you can probably tell I have been using my DSLR and new lighting, I am quite happy with my early attempts to do something more artistic with my nail photography, what do you think?  I got bored of the same old hand position and iPhone photos, although I think you can get amazing shots with an iPhone you cannot get shots like the ones above.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and if you have a wish list Louboutin polishes should most definitely feature on it.

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