Joshik Polish Review, Swatches and Nail art

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I was recently contacted by US based indie nail polish Joshik Polish to try out and review some of their polishes.  I picked out their Dark & Lovely collection and was sent a few others, in total 7 polishes, so this post has a lot of pictures.

Joshik nail polish bottles

Joshik nail polish bottles

They are really lovely and at $12 I think quite reasonably priced.  The bottles are heavy and give them an expensive feel and I really like the square bottle shape, as you can see I decided to be creative with the bottles below 🙂

Joshik Polish Bottles

Joshik Polish Bottles

Ok so enough about the bottles.  The polish is 5 free and Vegan friendly which is always a plus, but beware some top coats such as Seche Vite can cause shrinkage with 3 free or 5 free polishes, so it is worth in investing in a few different top coats, but that is a whole other post in itself.

I will start with the Dark and Lovely collection which is made up of 4 polishes, the polishes are 15ml each so very much full sized. The four colours in the collection are Luxe (deep purple), Imagine (shimmer green), V.I.P. (shimmer blue) and Dynamite (grey holo polish).  It’s nice to have a collection with some variation in the polish finishes.

First up is Luxe, it really is a perfect dark polish colour, I have taken all swatches without top coat.

Luxe - Joshik Polish

Luxe – Joshik Polish Swatch

There is almost a purple inky blue look about this colour and I love it.  It could have been perfect in one coat but I applied 2.

Next up is Imagine which is a lovely deep green shimmer polish, one of the two in the collection.  I love green, it has something quite regal about it.

Imagine - Joshik Polish Swatch

Imagine – Joshik Polish Swatch

It applies really well unlike some shimmer polishes which can apply streaky, but not this one 🙂

The second shimmer polish from the Dark & Lovely collection is V.I.P.  and if you follow me on Instagram you know Blue is my favourite colour, so this is a winner for me.

V.I.P - Joshik Polish

V.I.P – Joshik Polish Swatch

Again it applies like a dream and think the quality of the shimmer polishes is fantastic as compared with others I have tried.

Last in the collection is a Holo polish called Dynamite.  It really is beautiful and I used this for the nail art at the end of this post.

Dynamite - Joshik Polish Swatch

Dynamite – Joshik Polish Swatch

And I obviously had to take a shot with my flash to capture the holo goodness of this beautiful polish.  Oh and this is a sheer polish so could be used as a topper on other colours, I applied 3 coats of this polish.

Holo polish close up

Holo polish close up – with flash

So moving on to the other three polishes I was sent.

254 is a lovely magenta toned pink, and I have to admit I found it very difficult to capture the true colour of this polish, not sure why, but even with adjustment it wasn’t quite right. So for an accurate colour of this one go check out the Joshik store.

254 - Joshik Polish Swatch

254 – Joshik Polish Swatch

It is a much deeper pinkish magenta in person.

The next polish is called Prestige, and it is a Gold Shimmer polish, and again just as good quality as the others. This one may take 3 coats for full opacity, but I applied 2.

Prestige - Joshik Polish Swatch

Prestige – Joshik Polish Swatch

I think this gold shimmer polish would work as a great base for nail art, actually any of these polishes would.  I will be doing more nail art with these polishes soon.

Ok last but certainly not least is Dazzle, which is a Duo Chrome polish and shifts from a lovely bluish purple to greenish/grey colour.

Dazzle - Joshik Polish Swatch

Dazzle – Joshik Polish Swatch

It really is a lovely polish and I have another shot of it below.

Dazzle - Joshik Polish Swatch

Dazzle – Joshik Polish Swatch

Overall I am extremely impressed with all Joshik polishes and would love to try more of their collections in the future, they all have a great application and some could certainly be one coaters, which is quite special in any polish I think.

I decided to do some totally impractical nail art with Dynamite from the Dark & Lovely Collection, with I added Matte about you to from Essie.  I used a charm from Hex nail Jewellery and the other items were bought on ebay.  I hope you like it 😉

Bitch nail art with chains using Dynamite as base polish with Matte about you top coat from Essie.

Bitch nail art with chains using Dynamite as base polish with Matte about you top coat from Essie.

I will be doing more nail art with these polishes in the future so keep a look out for it on my Instagram page. Thanks for reading xxx

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