International Women’s day 2020 – IWD 2020

What better day than to relaunch my blog and my instagram. For those who used to read my blog you can see that I have been absent for a while, and some of my posts are missing due to a mess up with my hosting, hopefully that will all be sorted out soon.

Hi, welcome, long time no write.  Life got the better of me, health problems took over, stress levels escalated and everything seemed to change.  For those following me on Instagram I have shared snippets of whats been going on in my personal life.  But I will share more about that over the coming weeks on my blog.

Today is international women’s day, and I want to celebrate today for all the women out there. Today we should recognise every woman who has ever inspired us, who has helped us, who has taught us something, who has supported us or those who has helped us grow.  I write this today with so many emotions racing around inside as being a women for me has been far from easy. But as a mother I recognise what my daughters have brought to my world and celebrate this day with and for them.

Below you will see some pictures of them in their footie kits long with me as their coach 🙂


As someone who has always been surrounded by men in my career, and have also had mostly men consultants treat me during my illnesses, been told I’m crazy by multiple men, been told I’m too independent, been told I’m too needy, been told I’m selfish, been told I’m too strong, not strong enough, it makes me realise just how little women are appreciated.  It makes me realise that as women we need to support each other, as there are so many factors in this world that are trying to do the opposite.


My beautiful daughters Aanya (left) and Riya (right)

I am keen to discuss topics like women’s pay equality, women’s health issues, women in football, women in roles typically considered to be ‘mens’ roles. But I will leave that for another day.


As I adjust to my new norm I realise just how much pressure I put on myself as a women, as a mother, as a partner, as a daughter and as a sister. I feel I have to please everyone, but what good is trying to please everyone. It is so important to recognise that self care is essential and it is not an option but a necessity.

So today, let those women you value know you do, and remember we are so much stronger when we stand together.  We can make wonderful things happen and I hope my daughters get to experience more equality in all areas of the world.

Happy International Women’s Day 2020 #EachforEqual

Atima xxx

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