More Femme Luxe goodies

Hi all, it’s been a while but I’m back with some lovely gifted items from Femme Luxe. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas/festive time this year.

As you can probably see I love Femme Luxe clothing and wear them on a daily basis. So why do I love Femme Luxe so much. Well firstly they are great value for money. The clothes are of the same standard as much higher priced items from similar popular ladies brands. They are also super quick with delivery and I know this because I have also purchased items from them in the past. I highly recommend you check them out and I could probably buy all of this loungewear if I could afford it as it is so comfy.

So today’s items are more loungewear items including trakkies, body suit and an all in one. It’s funny because until a few years back I would have never warn a one piece but I actually love them now. Ok so let’s share some pics.

This first outfit is an all in one comfy lounge suit or could also be worn as night wear.

Femme luxe grey ribbed off shoulder all in one

As you can see this lovely ribbed all in one is perfect for chilling in and especially as none of us age out out due to Covid. And if this isn’t to your liking they have so many gorgeous all in ones available on their site. Defo worth checking out.

Femme luxe grey ribbed off shoulder all in one

So the next 2 items have been worn loads since I received them and it’s because they are just so comfy and actually look really nice too. Femme luxe have a fab selection of joggers and something fur everyone.

Femme luxe black joggers and ribbed body suit

These are some of the most comfy joggers I own. They are soft and just perfect to lounge in or run errands in. I like the piping detail on the joggers and these have become my daily go to joggers for sure. I will defo be purchasing more of these in different colours. I wear a size 12 in this style as I like my joggers loose and I don’t like tight waistbands 🙂

Femme luxe cream ribbed scoop neck bodysuit

The bodysuit is so flattering with its scoop neck and it is super comfy too and doesn’t give you a wedgy like other body suits do lol. I am wearing a size 10 in the bodysuit. If this bodysuit is not to your liking they have so many beautiful designs to choose from.

So fingers crossed I will be able to share more than just loungewear from Femme Luxe next year as I am hoping we will all be able to go out more, here’s hoping.

Hope you all have a fantastic start to the new year. Thanks for reading xxx

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