Femme luxe – Going out out

Hi everyone it’s been a while but I’m back not just with lounge wear for a change. Since lockdown will be easing slowly in the U.K. I cannot wait to wear nicer clothes and get all dressed up.

I still love my loungewear and Femme Luxe have such an amazing selection, with something to suit all from trakkie sets to joggers to jumpsuits.

So let’s start with the loungewear before moving on to my going out outfit.

So as you all know I love living in trakkies so lockdown hasn’t sent me mad not being able to dress up lol.

I love baggy clothes with the below trakkies being perfect for the oversized look that’s trending these days.

Femme Luxe light blue cuffed joggers & ribbed bodysuit

The ribbed bodysuit has become a fave of mine as it’s so comfy and super flattering with the scoop neck. I think I need it in a few more colours. Femme luxe have a great collection of bodysuits too, so something for everyone.

Femme Luxe light blue cuffed joggers & ribbed bodysuit

My next outfit share could be considered loungewear too but I think it can be jazzed up and coordinated with different items for a different look.

Femme luxe grey ribbed loungewear

Again super comfy like all the items I own from Femme Luxe are. Really flattering with the belted style and seriously hides any bumps and lumps get when I’m bloated.

Femme luxe grey ribbed loungewear

The fabric is super stretchy and I think I could pair the top with some black leggings and some big earrings and transform from loungewear to smart casual. I love outfits that can be split to make more outfits 🙂

Ok so the last outfit I’m sharing is this super sexy black number. I loveeeeee it and it’s the same material as the ribbed grey loungewear above.

Femme Luxe Black crop ribbed 2 piece co-ord

I am so ready to go out out in this outfit, it made me feel so good and fit me really well. I got a size 10. The fabric again is super stretchy and comfy.

Femme Luxe Black crop ribbed 2 piece co-ord (post lockdown outfit prep)

I cannot wait to be able to wear this outfit and for lockdown to be over so I can get all dressed up again. It will be so nice to get all dressed up for a night out that’s for sure. If this outfit doesn’t appeal to you they have so much choice over on their website.

Femme luxe black ribbed co-ord

What will you do once lock down is fully over and we are allowed to roam free again lol??? Well I will probably spend a little more on my outfits compared to during lockdown and I know where my first stop will be @femmeluxefinery.

Hope you all have a fab weekend, Happy Friday all xxx

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