Mussila Music School

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Hi all I’m back with something a little different than my normal fashion content on my blog today.

So we all know lockdown and the pandemic has taken its toll on children’s mental health and learning and I genuinely believe that it’s so important to try and stimulate their minds in creative ways. I also think children don’t get enough exposure to this types of practical learning in schools. That’s why we have loved using the Mussila music school app.

Mussila Music School app

The app allows children to learn and play at the same time and there is no need to have a musical instrument to use it. But if you do then you can also use it to help supplement traditional learning materials.


Learn all about musical notes and instruments, with varying levels of difficulty it means children can progress at their own pace.


Play and learn at the same time by following along and playing songs. The girls love this and it is Aanya’s fave part of the application. She has also been using it alongside her piano book.


Riya loves the create feature which allows you to make your own music by being a DJ and so much more. I even got involved with this part as it’s so much fun and a great way for me and the girls to enjoy stuff together.


The practise section is fab for learning about music theory and so much more. I’m not surprised to see the girls love this app, it’s got so much to keep them entertained and as they progress it gets harder so they won’t get bored.

Mussila Music School App

The app itself was crafted by experts in the music and technology field and it has won awards, most recently the Mums Choice award 2021.

Mussila music school app

So it’s a thumbs up from me and the girls for the Mussila Music app. You can get a months free trial through this link, so you can test run it before you choose to sign up. I think it’s always great to try something out that way you can see if the kids like it without committing. And as it can be downloaded to any android or Apple phone or tablet it can be taken anywhere you go.

I will be sharing more family and lifestyle content on my blog, but for now thanks for reading xxx

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